Apologizing for appearing on videotape instead of in person - "I've got a touch of whirling disease," he explained. "I got hold of a bad trout" - late-night talk show host David Letterman delivered a Top 10 list Sunday for the Western Governors' Association meeting in Whitefish.

Top 10 Great Things About the West:

10. South Dakota - Birthplace of the legendary Phil Jackson, who just won his 11th NBA championship as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers - oh, sorry, that's NORTH Dakota.*

9. Alaska - I wonder if their new governor can see Russia from his house.

8. Nevada - 24-hours-a-day-gambling, fabulous entertainment, and free cigarettes for the kids! (Shows the much-watched Internet clip of a Sumatran toddler smoking).

7. Montana - I never get tired of Gov. Schweitzer's old joke about helping that sheep over the fence.

6. Arizona - Gov. Jan Brewer couldn't be here, she's too busy rounding up gardeners.

5. Idaho - Home of the endangered species Butch Otter.

4. Texas - Gov. Rick Perry couldn't be here either, but sent along this video message (shows clip of a monkey sneezing).

3. New Mexico - Home to presidential candidate and Gov. Bill Richardson. In the 2008 presidential race, Bill finished ... seventh?

2. California - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't be here either, but sent along this video message (shows an ancient clip of Schwarzenegger feeding a carrot to an actress while telling her, "I teach you some English - ‘biting.' "

And the No. 1 great thing about the West:

1. Colorado - Unlike Montana, their governor is more popular than his dog.

*Editor’s note: Jackson was born in Deer Lodge, not North Dakota as stated in Letterman’s list.

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