KANSAS CITY, Mo. — American shoppers, adept at swiping the stripe, soon will learn to dip the chip in malls and strip centers across the land.

We’re talking about credit cards, specifically high-tech ones with microchips inside to make plastic money more secure. Chip cards are everywhere overseas and finally emerging here in response to massive credit card data breaches such as the one at Target in 2013.

Expect to find chip cards in your wallet by year-end as card issuers roll them out, if one’s not there already. Chip cards have a small gold or silver rectangle on the front of the card just above the first four digits of the card’s number. It’s not the hologram of a dove found on many stripe cards.

It will help if someone shows you how to use them. Shoppers shouldn’t slide a chip card through the machine at checkout lines. They should insert, or dip, the chip card into a slot—and let it sit.

“When you put it in there, it kind of clicks. You can feel it,” said Bobbie Kuhns, who used her chip card last recently at a Wal-Mart grocery store.

More of us would be dipping chip cards already if this seemingly simple change weren’t so disruptive, and it certainly

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