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City of Missoula business licenses issued in June 2015

406 Collective LLC, P.O. Box 1406, Missoula

AB Technology Solutions, 302 Chestnut St., Missoula

Access in Massage, 2300 Great Northern Ave. No. 8, Missoula

ACR Construction LLC, 4840 Jeff Drive, Missoula

Action Building Maintenance, 7754 Antelope Drive, Missoula

Adventure Education Consulting, P.O. Box 8601, Missoula

Alpine Canine, 3548 Old Indian Trail Road, Missoula

Andy Simon Sport Fishing, 320 Benton Apt. A, Missoula

Annika’s Arts, 3395 Cathy Court, Missoula

Art in Metal, 845 S. Sixth St., Missoula

Art on Tap Missoula, 2185 Amity Lane, Missoula

ATS Specialized Inc., 5707 W. Harrier Drive, Missoula

B and B Express, 522 Caravan, Missoula

Big Sky Canvas LLC, P.O. Box 8129, Missoula

Big Sky Copywriting Inc., 7014 Alisha Drive, Missoula

Blue Mountain Directional Drilling LLC, 201 Grandview Way B, Missoula

Body Ink, 1418 W. Broadway, Missoula

BP Consulting, 1954 S. 14th St. W., Missoula

Brugh Landscaping LLC, P.O. box 17677, Missoula

Cash 1 Development LLC, 8720 Roller Coaster Road, Missoula

Castle and Pony, 3928 Timberlane, Missoula

China Bowl, 3445 American Way, Missoula

Clark Fork Maintenance LLC, P.O. box 2452, Missoula

Columbia Pacific Finance LLC, 283 W. Front St. Suite 203, Missoula

Consumer Direct Hospice LLC, 3301 Great Northern Ave. No. 203, Missoula

CP Rentals, P.O. box 521, Frenchtown

Crandall Roofing LLC, 4816 Monticello Place, Missoula

D Jay Pearson Construction, P.O. Box 5735, Missoula

Diamond Imaging, 2801 S. Russell Suite 48, Missoula

Electrical Wholesale Supply Co. Inc., 2045 Mullan Road, Missoula

Equus and Paws LLC, 2800 Sheffield Drive, Missoula

Erin’s Entertainment, 913 Pattee Creek Apt. D, Missoula

Eyesite Creative LLC, P.O. Box 3246, Missoula

Farran Realty Partners LLC, P.O. Box 9079, Missoula

Foundational Fit, 519 Lolo St., Missoula

Four O Six Underground Inc., P.O. Box 870, East Helena

Fox Fine Finish, P.O. Box 7292, Missoula

Frank Courier and Small Freight, P.O. Box 220, Missoula

Gecko Designs LLC, 523 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula

Geofli, P.O. Box 2, Missoula

Grand Slam Bill Pay Services, 1815 Wyoming St. No. 11, Missoula

Green Door Photography, 609 N. Third St. W., Missoula

Grizzly Home Repair and Remodel, 10980 Saddleback Lane, Missoula

Hard to Beat Construction LLC, 6231 Lower Miller Creek, Missoula

Hart of Montana Consulting, P.O. Box 7412, Missoula

Healthy Hummingbird Massage LLC, 2825 Stockyard Road E2, Missoula

Helke Construction, 285 School Addition Road, Somers

Home Team Appraisal, 2702 Highland Drive, Missoula

Ice Builders Inc., 421 E. Cerritos Ave., Anaheim, California

Inhibitions Photography, 1500 S. 14th St. W. No. 311, Missoula

Interstate Hockey LLC, 2600 Queen St., Missoula

Inzane Brain Entertainment, 1256 S. Third St. W., Missoula

JB Bookkeeping, 2200 Garland No. 5, Missoula

JBM Holdings LLC, 3009 Queen St., Missoula

K and M Flooring, 2435 Cottage Court, Missoula

Katherine Gillispie LCSW BCBA, P.O. Box 5814, Missoula

Kehl Appraisal Services, 1208 Yellow Pine, Missoula

Kohl’s Department Stores No. 1515, P.O. Box 3139, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Laurel Hill Jewelry, 1511 Van Buren, Missoula

Lolo Peak Winery Inc., 209 Sommers St., Missoula

Man That Can LLC, P. O. Box 1071, Missoula

Mastec Network Solutions, 7025 S. Revere Pkwy, Centennial, Colorado

Mission Mountain Woodworks LLC, 904 Turner St., Missoula

Montana Wild LLC, 4856 Bordeaux Blvd., Missoula

Montana Yankee Works, 212 W. Kent No. 3, Missoula

Muscle Memory Massage, 615 Oak St. No. 202, Missoula

Nooky Box, 421 E. Spruce St. Apt. B, Missoula

Outback Construction Inc., 3700 Russell B108, Missoula

Peak Maintenance Inc., 800 Kensington Ave. No. 112, Missoula

Plan4it Events LLC, P.O. Box 1204, Bonner

RDO Equipment Co., 8571 Running W. Road, Missoula

Rocky Mountain Map Gallery, 112 Crestline Drive, Missoula

Single Ply Systems Inc., 909 Apollo Road, Eagan, Minnesota

Six Pony Hitch, 129 Dearborn Ave., Missoula

Stan Moser Consulting, 216 University Ave., Missoula

Stonespace, 808 Cherry St., Missoula

Sugato Studio, 253 Eddy Ave., Missoula

Sullivan Enterprises Inc., 3268 Sullivan Lane, Missoula

Summit Property Management Inc., 800 Kensington Ave. No. 112, Missoula

Summit Sprinkler and Landscape, P.O. Box 241, Missoula

Sushi Hana Downtown, 403 N. Higgins Ave., Missoula

Sweetgrass Naturscaping LLC, 915 Rollins No. 1, Missoula

Thomason Plumbing, 1205 Honeyhouse Lane, Corvallis

Treeline Strategy, 2911 Highland Drive, Missoula

Trixie Entertainment, 713 Howell, Missoula

Vidcon LLC, 127 E. Main St. Suite 214, Missoula

West Mountains Residential Electrical, 14800 Neil Drive, Lolo

Western Sky Woodworks LLC, P.O. Box 516, Ribera, New Mexico

White House Woodworks LLC, 208 S. Fifth St. W., Missoula

Wonder Washers LLC, 11800 Buffalo Speedway, Missoula

Woo Hey Inc., 1535 S. Garfield St., Missoula

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