Allegiance Benefit Plan Management

Travis Jette, Riley Roos and Josh Anderson, from right, of Kayle deliver lunch to employees of Allegiance Benefit Plan Management in February. Allegiance is covering some of the cost of the mobile food service meals for its employees as a wellness benefit to retain a trained workforce.

Allegiance Benefit Plan Management in Missoula employs roughly 300 people, and the company processes claims for large insurance benefits plans, such as the state government’s employee plan. Company president and CEO Dirk Visser has worked with his team to come up with creative ways to keep morale high and give employees options for growth.

“It’s very family oriented,” explained team lead Callista Sullivan. “(There is a) great training program and lots of room for growth. Everyone is extremely helpful to each other. Every day, I look forward to coming to work.”

Margaret McManus, vice president and CAO at the company, said employees with single-person health coverage don’t have to pay for their health insurance.

“The company also kicks in a generous contribution to a Health Savings Account to help offset the deductible,” she said. “We also have a wellness plan that provides biometric testing every year along with health coaching.”

Visser leads the company on a bike ride in May every year, and employees also take hikes up Blue Mountain together.

“We get paid holidays and weekends off, fair wages, spot bonuses, free continuing education and milestone awards in five-year increments,” McManus said.

The company also makes sure to donate to local nonprofits.

“Allegiance is a growing company and even during the economic downturn and recession, there were no layoffs,” McManus said. “The company continues to grow and I am always amazed at the innovative ways the company comes up with ways to show appreciation for the staff.”

The company partnered with a local food delivery business, Kayle, to offer discounted healthy breakfasts and lunches delivered right to the workplace.

“I never thought that I could be this happy in a job, a career, as I am now,” said stop-loss reimbursement specialist Lacey Erickson. “If you’re not sure what you would be good at, that’s OK because they are great at putting you in a place that best fits your needs!”

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