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Top seniors

Kristi Fullerton

Parents: Kent Fullerton and Lynn Fullerton

GPA: 4.0

Activities: Business Professionals of America; choir; dance/drill/cheer team; band; National Honor Society; Prom Committee; student government; Charlo Art Camp; 4-H; district and state music festivals.

Scholarships, awards: Mission Valley Power Student Award; Plum Creek Community Scholarship; Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship; Concordia College Presidential Distinction Award; Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award; Montana University System Honor Scholarship; Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship.

Future: Major in music education at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn.

Victoria Jensen

Parents: Dawn Atchley and Roger Jensen

GPA: 3.796

Activities: Class secretary; Skills USA, three years, vice president (one year); Business Professionals of America; 4-H, four years, treasurer (one year) and vice president (one year); high school rodeo; Youth Rodeo, two years; Prom Committee.

Scholarships, awards: Gear-up Essay Scholarship; Mission Valley Power Scholarship; Lions Club Scholarship; Honor Roll, four years; Student of the Month, four years; academic letters; Skills USA state champion, first-place and third-place awards; 4-H awards, third place to grand champion; 3-D Archery Shoot, second place; Jim Atkinson Scholarship; Woodmen of the World Scholarship.

Future: Study culinary arts at Flathead Valley Community College.

Stephanie Maughan

Parents: Ben Maughan and Melodie Maughan

GPA: 4.0

Activities: Volleyball; basketball; track; National Honor Society; Cultural Awareness Club; Skills USA; band, choir; drama.

Scholarships, awards: Plum Creek Scholarship; Elks Scholarships, local and state; Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Contest Scholarship; George and Faye Harris Memorial Scholarship; FUPS Tournament Scholarship; Charlyn Rogers Memorial Scholarship; St. Luke Hospital Scholarship; Montana University System Honor Scholarship; Academic All-State; All-State, track and basketball; All-Conference, volleyball; Skills USA state champion in Quiz Bowl and Chapter Display; music letter; academic letter; valedictorian.

Future: Study nursing at the University of Montana College of Technology.



Jessica Anderson, Houston Blevins, Shad Bown, Courtney Courture, Rebecca Dumont, Alexandra Esterby, Muhamad Fadzil, Chance Firestone, Chance Frame, Kristi Fullerton, Kaileb Gillingham, Moriah Gilmore, Spencer Herron, Christopher Incashola, Victoria Jensen, Jaris Kelley, Jesse Kingery, Stephanie Maughan, Makenzie Merwin, Colt Nagy, Cody Nitschke, Jame Petersen, Amber Rodgers, David Romine, Erika Smith, Kaitlyn Woodruff, Kerry Woodruff.

Scholarships and awards

Jessica Anderson: DeLyle and Cindy Paulsen, grandparents. Shamrock Services LLC (Pat and Dianna Kelley)-$200; Lions Club Scholarship-$250; Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship-$500; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$1,500.

Houston Blevins: Keith and Rose Blevins, parents. FUPS Basketball Tournament Scholarship-$250; Phyllis Stivers Memorial Scholarship-$300; Charlo Rec Club Scholarship-$450; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$500; Kelsey Rollins Hanson Memorial Scholarship-$500; Kenny Sagmiller ALS Foundation Scholarship-$750; Charlyn Rogers Memorial Scholarship-$1,000; Governor’s Best and Brightest Merit Scholarship-$2,000; George and Faye Harris Memorial Scholarship-$4,100.

Courtney Couture: Darwin and Susan Hensley, Todd and Gwen Couture, parents. Ronan Auto Parts Scholarship-$100; Hunt’s Timbers Scholarship-$100; American Indian Tuition Waiver-$3,000; Mark K. Ulmer Memorial Native American Scholarship-$16,000.

Rebecca Dumont: Shawn and Tammy Dumont, parents. Charlo Grocery-$200; Maxine DeSaussure Memorial Scholarship; Rodeo Scholarship.

Alexandra Esterby: Wally Esterby and Erin Fleming, parents. Ronan Power Products-$100; Lions Club Scholarship-$250.

Chance Firestone: Tina Firestone and Eric Seegers, parents. Ronan Eye Clinic Scholarship-$200; Charlo Rec Club Scholarship-$450; Charlo Perpetual Scholarship-$1,000.

Kristi Fullerton: Kent and Lynn Fullerton, parents. Mission Valley Power Student Award-$100; Ninepipe Arts Group-$250; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$500; Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative Scholarship-$500; Kenny Sagmiller ALS Foundation Scholarship-$750; Charlo Perpetual Scholarship-$1,000; Plum Creek Community Scholarship-$1,000; Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student-$1,500; George and Faye Harris Memorial Scholarship-$1,500; Montana University System Honor Scholarship-$2,500; Concordia College Presidential Distinction Award-$56,000.

Moriah Gilmore: Charles and Nona Gilmore, grandparents; Tammy and Dave Roragen, parents. Lake County Bank Scholarship-$100; Cenex Harvest States Scholarship-$100; Charlo Rec Club Scholarship-$450.

Victoria Jensen: Dawn Atchley and Roger Jensen, parents. Mission Foods Inc. Scholarship-$75; Mission Valley Power Student Award-$100; Shamrock Services LLC (Pat and Dianna Kelley)-$200; Gear-up Essay Contest Award-$200; Lions Club Scholarship-$250; Devin Edwards Memorial Scholarship-$300; James Atkinson Memorial Scholarship-$500; Woodmen of the World Scholarship-$500; Charlo Perpetual Scholarship-$1,000; Missoula Federal Credit Union Scholarship-$1,000; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$1,500; Flathead Valley Community College Northwest Tuition Fee Waiver-$2,280.

Jesse Kingery: Jeff and Deb Kingery, parents. Mission Valley Power Student Award-$100; Community Bank Scholarship-$100; Rod’s Harvest Foods Scholarship-$100; Ninepipe Arts Group Scholarship-$250; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$500; Crown College Music Scholarship-$4,000; Crown College Leadership Scholarship-$5,000; Crown College Dean’s Scholarship-$5,000; Concordia College Excellence Scholarship-$36,000.

Stephanie Maughan: Ben and Melodie Maughan, parents. Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Scholarship-$200; FUPS Basketball Scholarship-$250; Clayton DeVoe Scholarship-$500; St. Luke Community Healthcare Scholarship-$500; state Elks Scholarship-$500; local Elks Scholarship-$1,000; Plum Creek Scholarship-$1,000; Charlyn Rogers Memorial Scholarship-$1,000; George and Faye Harris Memorial Scholarship-$1,500; Montana University System Honor Scholarship-$2,500.

Colt Nagy: Rick and Bonnie Nagy, parents. Dawson Community College Rodeo Scholarship-$3,673.

Jame Petersen: James and Susan Petersen, parents. Valley Banks Scholarship-$100; Coulter Automotive Scholarship-$100; Ninepipe Arts Group Scholarship-$250; Charlo Perpetual Scholarship-$1,000; Montana Tech Heritage Silver Tuition Waiver-$2,230; Montana State University/Northern Scholarship-$3,000.

Amber Rodgers: Keith and Susan Rodgers, parents. University of Montana College of Technology William J. Gallagher Scholarship-$2,100.

Erika Smith: Kim Bauer and Don Smith, parents. Rob Roylance Memorial Scholarship-$600.

Information provided by Charlo High School. Because of early deadlines, scholarship lists are not complete.

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