HELENA — U.S. Sen. Jon Tester is reporting his biggest fundraising quarter yet as his re-election battle with Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg intensifies.

A fundraising report released Thursday says the freshman senator brought in nearly $2 million over the past three months.

The Democrat is reporting about $3.6 million on hand as both sides accumulate money for costly television advertising, field campaigning and constant travel.

Rehberg has not yet reported his most recent numbers. Generally, he has trailed the incumbent in fundraising.

The Republican has been attacking Tester on the campaign trail as a backer of President Barack Obama's policies.

Tester has touted his record improving veterans' facilities in the state, and attacked Rehberg as a do-nothing career politician.

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So it's okay that Rehberg chose to personally and frivolously sue the Billings Fire Dept., at the taxpayers' expense? That alone makes a stooge out of Rehberg and no one else but him being clueless and self-centered.

Sheer ignorance if one is to make the Montana Senate election "all about Obama and nothing else."


The election in November is all about Obama and nothing else. Tester is a stooge for Obama. Thus the election will be about Tester's stooging for Obama. Money will mean nothing in this election. And this is all outside money coming in from the DNC, not Montanans.

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