MCT's "little red trucks"

The Missoula Children's Theatre's fleet of little red touring trucks are seen outside of MCT Inc.'s East Broadway headquarters, the MCT Center for the Performing Arts.

KURT WILSON, Missoulian

MCT Inc. hopes to wrap up its second-ever capital campaign by the end of September.

The nonprofit, which operates the Missoula Community Theatre and the touring Missoula Children's Theatre, has a target of $750,000 for its "One Million Reasons to Say Yes" campaign.

It's now reached 75 percent of that goal and is "pretty confident we can get it done," according to development director Cate Sundeen.

Craig Langel, a certified public accountant and volunteer member of the MCT board of directors, has pledged the remaining $250,000 if the goal is met. That would put the overall fundraising total at $1 million.

Hitting that target will allow MCT to retire the mortgage on its building on East Broadway, and free up $20,000 a month to invest in its programs.

"There's millions of people out there in Missoula and Montana and around world who benefit from what we do. I have to believe we'll get it done in that time," Sundeen said.

Through the touring programs, teams visit almost 1,200 communities a year and provide local kids with the scripts, costumes and props to stage a play in a week.

They've traveled to all 50 states as well as countries like Japan, Germany, Bahrain and more, including U.S. military bases overseas.

They also have annual performing arts camps, local camps and classes. Numerous organizations use its MCT Center for the Performing Arts for events and performances.

So far, Sundeen said donations have come from a mix of businesses and private individuals from "all walks of life."

They've ranged in size from "a dollar to a $100,000," she said.

Supposing that MCT doesn't meet its goal by Sept. 30, they'll continue the campaign until it's met.

Donations can be made via or via text using their credit card or debit card. Just send a message that says "MCT" to 41444 and follow the instructions.

"That's a really, really simple way to give and they can donate online," she said.

They can also be made by calling 406-728-1911.

MCT plans a big final push via social media in September.

One reason behind the campaign is that the growth of the tour has leveled off due to multiple factors, including cuts to arts budgets and one branch of the military they work with.

MCT didn't receive an overseas Air Force contract in 2014, but was awarded a one-year contract in 2015 to serve 14 bases in the Pacific and Europe.*

Despite that, demand to bring the tours to new communities still exceeds MCT's current capacity.

*Correction: This article previously implied that the Air Force didn't renew its contract for 2015, when the contract had been renewed.

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