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Elizabeth Bailey and Jason Frison, Missoula, girl, April 23

Kristal Lemke and Andrew Holmes, Missoula, girl, April 23

Christina and Casey Halstead, Stevensville, girl, April 22

Katelyn Martin and Joseph Rivers, Butte, boy, April 22

Erika and Ryan Martin, Missoula, girl, April 21

Brittani and Brandon Edwards, Missoula, girl, April 21

Christen and Vincent Keeney, Missoula, girl, April 19

Leah Schloss, Missoula, boy and girl (twins), April 20

Kate and Robby Farnes, Missoula, boy, April 20

Stephanie and Nicholas Weller, Missoula, boy, April 23

Allison De Jong and Greg Peters, Missoula, boy, April 23

Jenn and Chris Bowman, Lolo, twin boys, April 23

Miranda Filler and Jared Kohl, Missoula, boy, April 23

Bichtram Tran and Steven Vu, Missoula, boy, April 24

Pauline and Kevin Kolendich, Missoula, girl, April 23

Salina Perez, Missoula, boy, April 25

Sabrina and Jayna Rubich, Missoula, boy, April 25

Monique Crossguns and Randall Rivas, Missoula, boy, April 25

Allie and Dylan McFarland, Missoula, boy, April 24

Jade Huggans and Tillman Hess, Hamilton, girl, April 25

Stefanie Miller and Jonathan Funke, Missoula, girl, April 25

Lucy and Zachary Mohler, St. Ignatius, girl, April 25

Laura and Bryan Curry, Missoula, girl, April 25

Eva Masin Prather and Dave Prather, St. Ignatius, boy, April 26

Holly and Brian Moe, Missoula, girl, April 26

Vera and Ivan Lemeza, Missoula, boy, April 26

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