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Gretchen and Karl Moritz, Missoula, girl, Dec. 10

Kelsey and Jonathan Harwood, Missoula, girl, Dec. 9

Kailey and Owen Hood, Alberton, boy, Dec. 8

Meaghan and Robert McElderry, Missoula, boy, Dec. 8

Meagan and Brandon Huber, Clinton, twins, boy and girl, Dec. 9

Kelci and Michael Kuntz, Missoula, girl, Dec. 12

Audrey and Casey McMillon, Missoula, boy, Dec. 11

Victoria and Austin Connell, Missoula, girl, Dec. 5

Adrienne and Michael Gill, Missoula, boy, Dec. 10

Chelsi and Stanton Schulze, Hamilton, boy, Dec. 9

Signe Leirfallom and Ben Wilson, Missoula, boy, Dec. 12

Xiuzhen Xue and John Brock, Missoula, boy, Dec. 12

Kathryn and RJ Keaster, Lincoln, boy, Dec. 12

Sarah and Chase Tams, Lincoln, boy, Dec. 11

Brandee and Nate Sink, Florence, girl, Dec. 13

Kristi and Daniel Larose, Missoula, girl, Dec. 12

Kalli Wurth, Missoula, girl, Dec. 13

Kailea Katrina and Matthew Paul Olds, Missoula, girl, Dec. 13

Larissa and Jeremy Main Jr., Bonner, boy, Dec. 13

Sarah and Tyler Velin, Missoula, girl, Dec. 13

Kayla and Robert Geiser, Missoula, boy, Dec. 13

Hillary and Nick Logan, Missoula, boy, Dec. 13

Jennifer Mahler and Michael Newton, Missoula, boy, Dec. 14

Barbara and Damian Droessler, Missoula, boy, Dec. 14

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