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Alise Hardesty and Jaren Behunin, Kalispell/Missoula, boy, Nov. 14

Velita and Kyle Rholl, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Bethany Sue ann Volore and Michael Scott Volore, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Randi Tiffany Winters and Dusty Alan Pauley, Hamilton, girl, Dec. 17

Stephanie Dotson-Jones and Karl Jones, Missoula, boy, Dec. 15

Emily J. Pray and Jesse G. Schrecengost, Missoula, girl, Dec. 5

Madison LePiane and Kevin Flink, Missoula, boy, Dec. 5

Riki Cope and Spencer Smith, Arlee, boy, Dec. 5

Brooke Zeiler and Kyle Ball, Florence, boy, Dec. 6

Rachael Fleming and Saige Taylor, Florence, girl, Dec. 6

Brooke Kuhl and Trevor Johnson, Lolo, girl, Dec. 7

Alissa Stevens and Trevor Wurth, Missoula, girl, Dec. 7

Stacy Feistner and Steven Collie, Missoula, boy, Nov. 2

Angie and Joey Spoelstra, Missoula, boy, Dec. 15

Amie and David Desjardin, Missoula, boy, Dec. 15

Jaqueline Marshall-Cox and Garnt Cox, Stevensville, girl, Dec. 17

Amanda and James Marek, Missoula, girl, Dec. 18

Kayla Hall and Andrew Gervais, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Anna and Garrett Brewer, Arlee, boy, Dec. 18

Eva and Addison Brown, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Susan and Clayton Paddie, Missoula, girl, Dec. 19

Jordon and Anthony Vonruden, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Jami and Seth Neumann, Missoula, boy, Dec. 18

Megan Lea and Gentry Mark Branz, Lolo, girl, Dec. 18

Samantha Thompson and Travis Hilliard, Missoula, boy, Oct. 19

Katie and Kendall Brubaker, Missoula, girl, Dec. 19

Krista and Peter Kearns, Missoula, girl, Dec. 19

Tawnie and Patrick Malone, Missoula, girl, Dec. 20

Dwi Mulyaningsih and John Ross, Missoula, boy, Dec. 20

Leah Catherine and Joel Brake, Missoula, girl, Dec. 20

Robyn and Kit Edington, Missoula, boy, Dec. 20

Kylie and Ward Bland, Missoula, boy, Dec. 21

Niki Leffingwell and Briggs Anderson, Missoula, boy, Dec. 21

Nicole and Brandon LaBelle, St. Regis, girl, Dec. 21

Jesse and Joseph Poling, Missoula, girl, Dec. 21

Payton Rayleen Christiansen and Randy Larryliroy Christiansen, Butte/Clinton, boy, Dec. 22

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