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Jennifer and Chris Allred, Corvallis, boy, Sept. 7

Katherine and Jeremy McMurrin, Hamilton, boy, Sept. 7

Annie and Gates Watson, Missoula, girl, Sept. 5

Jacqueline and Andrew Flikkema, Missoula, girl, Sept. 5

Mahaley Ojala and Doug Smith, Stevensville, boy, Sept. 5

Maria A. Hamby and John M. Mulvehill, Missoula, boy, Aug. 30

Courtney and Trevor Ferguson, Florence, girl, Sept. 1

Tiffany Hall and Kyle Green, Missoula, boy, Sept. 1

Karlie C. Haynes, Polson, boy, Aug. 7

Alisha Walker and Walter Schrock IV, Superor, boy, Aug. 10

Ahkayneh Fawn Richardson and Christopher Alex Wold, Seeley Lake, boy, Aug. 8

Beth Hayes and Charlie Schmitz, Missoula, girl, Aug. 17

Megan Kurosky and Tyler Troy, Missoula, boy, Aug. 18

Kaitlyn Shea Tatum and Lathan Cole Golding, Missoula, boy, Aug. 16

Chantel Griffiths and Arlando Welty, Missoula, girl, Aug. 15

Zianna King and Jayden Wallace, St. Regis, boy, Aug. 6

Amanda Simmert and Levi Bruce, Seeley Lake, boy, Aug. 3

Desiree Williams and Trevor Hangel, Missoula, girl, Aug. 4

Jennie Dornon and Teddy Brabant, Missoula, girl, Aug. 3

Gretchen Kay Bigelow and Joseph Scott Hazel, Florence, boy, Aug. 1

Rachele and Seth Whitfield, Anchorage, Alaska, girl, Sept. 3

Chrissy Wilson and Levi Morrison, Missoula, girl, Sept. 4

Bailey and Andrew Elliott, Missoula, boy, Sept. 2

Karla Partney, Missoula, girl, Sept. 4

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