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LaEuna Ferne Curry Solander and Nels Ray Solander

Kelly Ann Brewer and Harry C. Brewer

Jodie Ann Conley and Dennis Daniel Conley

Julie Bowman and Rex Bowman

Christopher Yost and Tangerine Sunshine Yost

Shawn Dendrino and Denis Dendrino

Petra Lee Morrell and Carrier Blaine Morrell

Creagh W. Breuner and H. Arthur Woods

Toni Rentschler and Rusty Jungels

Jodi Englund and Jacob Allen Englud

Randall S. Smith and Leslie L. Smith

Kristi Page-Nei and Steven Walter Nei

Kathryn Dale Lisle and Jacob Israel Lisle

Megan Blodgett and Gregory Blodgett

Dorothy L. Peters Lees and and James R. Lees

Cecile M. Drollinger and Ernest J. Drollinger

Sari Wolff and Jesse L. Wolff

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