Municipal Court

Jason E. Bjelland, 36, of Missoula, per se

Clare A. Bourdon-Higbee, 23, of Missoula, aggravated DUI

Jordan M. Day, 19, of Missoula

Beverly Victoria Finley, 37, of Missoula

Dennis Lee Juneau, 34, of Babb, per se

Kathryn Elizabeth Knutson, 21, of Missoula, aggravated DUI

Ryan E. Mannix, 43, of Missoula, per se

Jeremy A. Matzek, 34, of Milltown, aggravated DUI

Tanya Lynn Mervine, 36, of Missoula, per se

Christopher Shawndein Monatukwa, 38, of Tempe, Ariz., per se

Phillip Prewett, 35, of Missoula, per se

Kendra Elaine Sanchez, 22, of Arlee

Racheal Nae Smith, 21, of Missoula, per se

Kyle Joseph Verhovshek, 26, of Missoula, DUI and DUI per se

Amanda Virga, 27, of Lolo, per se

Rebekah Dee Welch, 21, of Missoula

Justice Court

Eric William Andresen, 23, of Missoula

Donald Michael Dewit, 60, of Helena, per se

Jami K. Fabatz, 34, of Missoula

Lori Sue Gerber, 39, of Kalispell

Christopher Paul Lande, 37, of Lolo

Patrick Ryan McVeigh, 40, of Missoula

Cindy Marie Umphrey, 33, of Polson

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