marriage stockimage

Jerri Lea Lorenz and Ralph Alonzo Mackey, Oct. 28

Ruth Nikolaevna Yarmolich and Aleksey Mikhailovich Levchenko, Oct. 14

Toni Ann Malek and Jared David Markey, Oct. 28

Fred Merton Benham and Elizabeth Jane Beckman, Oct. 21

Michael Lee Ireland Belport and Jenny Ann Maxvill, Oct. 31

Alexandra Marie Duncan and Adam William Blythe, Oct. 7

Oliver Finn Wood and Emily Ruth Scherrer, Oct. 21

Laci Ann Peterson and Christopher Ryan Smith, Oct. 23

Reed James Sonsalla and Julie Beth Swehla, Oct. 21

Payden James Chaffin and Erica Isaacs, Oct. 28

Ahmad Abdelhakim Abdallah and Arwen Clare Kittelson-Aldred, Oct. 29

Jason Andrew Clevidence and Casey Jolene Pfaff, Oct. 31

Sonya Renee Lindstrom and Mark Lawrence Matule, Oct. 26

Shyla May Garrison and Mark William Peterson, Oct. 27

Ashley Elizabeth Bosse and Richard Glen Eggers, Oct. 27

Faith Leanne Vanetten and Edmond Alan Thomas, Oct. 30

Destiny Lynn Fowler and Chynna Katherine Huskinson (declaration)

Briana Lanay Harris and Malcom Marquis Morgan, Oct. 31

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