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Kayla Marie Ibsen and Jason Daniel Simonetti, Sept. 2

Wade Michael Willis and Kelsey Jean Colbert, Sept. 9

Rebecca Jo Hendrix and Jared Robert Smith, Sept. 9

Joshua Ernest Zubowicz and Brittney Starr Buresh, Sept. 9

Zoe Kristen Donovan and Joshua David Olson, Sept. 16

Andrew Chase Wynegar and Alexandria Dee Jackman, Sept. 16

Brenda Lee Buckentin and Bradley Neil Smith, Sept. 22

Royce Kendall Cassidy and Katie Lyn Geoghegan, Sept. 23

Maleri Nicole Ashworth and Ian Christian Kath, Sept. 23

Lexi Dawn Tiddy and Jacob Leroy Gilbertson, Sept. 23

Torie Vaughn Powell and Thomas Haden Allison, Sept. 23

Phillip James Campbell and Julianna Stella Crowley, Sept. 23

Nathaniel Glenn Buckingham and Starshine Falcon, Sept. 23

Grace Elizabeth Lahey and Brandon Allen Plant, Sept. 23

Ryan Thomas Allen and Faith Christiana Lindenmuth, Sept. 24

Caitlin Tyler-Richards and David Patrick Bresnahan, Sept. 26

Jere Cockrell and Gun Atiwannapat, Sept. 27

Kassie Lynn Kemmis and Lance Allen Fulker, Sept. 29

Mary Jo Olson and Jason Weston Willard, July 22

Orion William Heyman and Eleanor Kathleen Proctor, Sept. 30

Gene Michael Bonacum and Olivia Jo Frost, Aug. 25

Zoe Kirsten Donovan and Joshua David Olson, Sept. 16

Tate Weldon Cavill and Samantha Jo Kinzie, Sept. 30

Amanda Lynn Casaray and Robert Steven Ahl, Sept. 7

Mathias Robert Schaefer and Glenna Jean Coffey, Sept. 30

April Dawn Davis and Scott Martin Bullen, Sept, 23

Melissa Kathleen Muri and Marion Theodore Lowe, Sept. 22

Forest Daniel Henning and Margaret Mary Girardi, Sept. 30

Christina Evelyn Short and Tyler James Tredeau, Sept. 23

John Driscoll Nugent and Ronald Kyle Bocinsky, Sept. 30

Nicholas Thurman Hensley and Melissa Jae Johnson, Sept. 29

William James Singletary and Melissa Sue Shults, Sept. 30

Nicki D. Schmardebeck and Brian Michael Lee, Sept. 30

Leah Rachelle Lenshyn and Marshall Dean Walton, Sept. 29

Stacey Gordon Doney and Lisa Marie Hergett (declaration)

Duwayne Dean Olesewski and Lois Marie Pemberton, Oct. 4

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