marriage stockimage

Ashley Jones and Cupid Lamar Drakeford, Oct. 15

Jessie Lea Lundberg and Craig Alan Wulfekuhle, July 15

Laramie Joseph Baker and Ellen Marie Fjeseth, Aug. 5

Shalayne Courtney Erickson and Brandon Matthew Kimmel, Sept. 16

Jill Catherine Bross and Michael Tyler Schmechel, Sept. 9

Diana Clifford and David Allen Cook Jr., Sept. 16

Callen Kristen Kosel and Tyler Michael Hansen, Oct. 14

Devin William Landry and Charlotte Marie Siegel, Sept. 23

Jake Curtis Arrowtop and Alysa Jae Kelly, Sept. 23

Rosalee Kristy Harris and Nathan Alan Brown, Sept. 30

Ashleigh Ann Van Fossen and Nicholas Owen Harris, Oct. 7

Cristopher Evan Freyholtz and Shelby Lane Conner, Oct. 7

Lara Cheyenne Stanley and Evan Richard Clark, Oct. 7

Kody Wyatt Mansur and Alyssa Anne Ruttenbur, Oct. 7

Dillon John McLeod and Erin Joan Mills, Oct. 21

Daniel Eugene Storm and Jonna Jean Daniels, Oct. 16

Brandon Scott Pate and Shino Momma, Oct. 7

Emily Jung Foster and Eric Richard Bruner, Oct. 14

Haley Mae Cyr and Casey Michael McClean, Oct. 14

Mary Lorraine Rutledge and Ronald Dean Gail, Oct. 12

Shelby Kuiama Fadness and Andrew John Bates, Oct. 13

Nicole Renee Anderson and Terrence Leon Tyburski (declaration)

Ashley Marie Erickson and Dale Charles Gummer (declaration)

Ki Wesley Alen Imus and Kyla Kristeen Smith (declaration)

Brittney Marie Anderson and Christopher Joseph Martin Jr., Oct. 21

Josephine Ashlee Greenlee and Matthew Lee Hegstad, Oct. 16

Daniel Ellsworth Orr Jr. and Ashten Sandberg (declaration)

Jake Nimlos and Kari Jolene Murphy, Oct. 17

Jeffrey Rodger Pernell and Melissa Lea Moore (declaration)

Meghan Mikel Dickson and Kyle Jacob Chapman, Oct. 21

Rebecca Smithberg Margolis and John William Howard, Oct. 21

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