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Fashion and pop culture have overlapped since forever, and with the speed of communication and social media it is only picking up momentum. What today’s pop star or actor wore on the red carpet last night will be in a store tomorrow. Clothing, hair, accessories . . . nothing is untouched. Here are a few trends worth noting.

Punk Rock

Punk fashion is back in a big way again, and that means more than just Ramones and Misfits t-shirts. Think plaids, leather, short, wild haircuts, and combat or engineer boots. Jewelry with safety pins, chains, and padlocks. Nor do tattoos and piercings appear to be going away soon either. Dressing this way may get you sneered at by “real” punks, but it hurts to be beautiful, doesn’t it?

Geek Culture

Someone must have misheard the original quote, because forget the meek, the GEEKS have inherited the earth. In fact there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as “geek culture” anymore because it has become the mainstream. Look how popular Sci-Fi and comic book movies are. Fashion has been infiltrated as well. It’s perfectly safe to wear nerd glasses (whether you need a prescription or not) these days, particularly with a Star Wars t-shirt or one for some obscure video game. And let’s not forget the buttoned-up-tothe- neck sexy librarian look either, one with both male and female versions.

The Great Gatsby

As a movie the Baz Luhrmann adaptation may have had its flaws, but it exploded off the screen with style. Men in sleek, tailored three-piece suits. Art deco jewelry bedazzling the drop-waisted dresses of frenetically dancing women. Bob and faux bob haircuts. The opportunities to update your personal style with any of these are endless! Give ‘em a shot, Old Sport, and look both ways before you cross the street.


The hunger for vintage fashion has outstripped its availability, no thanks to Macklemore and Lewis. Which is fine, because you don’t always have time to spend hours popping tags to find that perfect look. Entire fashion lines have been created to provide clothes that look stressed, as if they really are vintage. Is that cheating? Maybe, maybe not. Just expect you’ll need more than $20 in your pocket. . . .

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