LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas had some odd news stories in 2017. Poultry experts warned about piling chicken manure too high because it could spontaneously combust, and a juggler used his skills to prove to University of Central Arkansas police he wasn't driving drunk.

Would-be thieves were accused of stealing a live alligator and thousands of snack cakes, in separate incidents. A woman who pleaded guilty to fraudulent use of a county credit card admitted buying a tuxedo for a dog.

And there was smorgasbord of sorts on the state's highways in a three-week period last summer. A tank car filled with whiskey crashed on Interstate 40 in eastern Arkansas on Aug. 2, a tractor-trailer spilled frozen pizzas on I-30 at Little Rock on Aug. 9 and spaghetti sauce spilled from a Dallas-bound truck near Dallas on Aug. 21.

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