Three Rivers Mental Health Center is a licensed mental health center providing a variety of support services in the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys.

Three Rivers staff works with clients and their family, friends and support systems to help clients maintain and improve their quality of life.

This is done with the understanding that as a person's quality of life increases, the symptoms of mental illness and stress decrease and people live healthier, happier lives with dignity and independence.

Three Rivers provides adult case management; medication management; outpatient therapy; mental health assessments and diagnosis; representative payee services; support with activities of daily living; support and advocacy for people with mental illness; an intensive community-based service program that includes face-to-face medication reminders and medication prompts; a work program; and many mental health groups.

If you are able to help the following following clients, call Melissa Pickett at 406-552-9617. 

  • A single mother of a 12-year-old son needs help for Christmas. She is on a very limited income and has high rent expenses. Her son wears boys' pants size 16-18 (XL), shirt size is XL, men’s shoes size 5 1/2. He is in desperate need of pants and mid-length socks. He is very interested in all sports, but especially basketball. He would like basketball shorts, board games, a used PS4 or XBOX 360, sports games and Call of Duty. His favorite basketball player is Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics and his favorite football player is Derek Carr of the Raiders. The family needs a Crock Pot, blankets, dish/hand towels, a $30 Verizon phone card, grocery gift cards, gift wrap, broom and dustpan. Mother’s needs are stretch pants or leggings size XL-2XL and shirts size 2XL.
  • A single mother of two young children needs help for Christmas. The mother just left a toxic relationship and is struggling to make ends meet or provide a proper Christmas for her two children. Her 9-year-old boy wears boys' size M or L for shirts, pants size 10, and boys' shoes size 4. He is in need of pants, shirts, a hat, gloves and snow pants. His hobbies and interests are Pokemon, Minecraft, XBOX 360 games for his age range. He also hopes for a football, basketball, sports clothes and football gloves. The second child is a 4-year-old girl who wears size 5 pants and shirts, and shoes size 13. She is in need of hats, gloves, snow pants, clothes and snow boots. She is interested in anything girly and would love to get her ears pierced. She loves Barbies and kitchen sets. The family as a whole could use a microwave, a vacuum cleaner, household items such as laundry soap etc, hand towels, and mugs, grocery gift cards or gas gift cards. 
  • A single mother of three young children needs assistance for Christmas. The first child is 8-years-old and wears size 9/10 in girls. She is interested in Legos, dolls, dress up clothes, girl superheroes (including Super Girl, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy or princess), Ever After High and Monster High, coloring and age appropriate craft items. The second child suffers from autism and his clothing list is very specific. We wears size large or extra large in men’s. He prefers blue or black sweat pants as textures of jeans are over stimulating. He also needs socks but prefers brightly colored ankle socks. He also needs a winter coat size large in men’s with a soft interior. He likes Star Wars and Lego creations. The third child wears size 4T in girl's clothes, and size 10/11 shoes. Toddler appropriate toys or learning toys are ideal. All children need winter gear and clothing. The family has some needs that would be great if donated including a washing machine, bunk beds and mattresses, toys, bedding and pillows, towels, dressers for children’s clothes. Mom’s specific needs are clothes size 15 in women's, XXL shirts and shoes size 7 1/2.


To help the following individuals send donations to 3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions attention: Alexa, 715 Kensington Ave. Suite 24B, Missoula, MT 59801, or call 406-317-2968.

  • A client has an 8-year-old daughter who wears a kids size 7 or 8 in shirts and pants, and a size 1 in kids shoes. She is in need of winter clothes and boots. She loves Dora the Explorer, arts and crafts, baby dolls and stuffed animals, and would appreciate any of these things as holiday gifts. Her 10-year-old son wears kids size 7 or 8 in shirts and pants, and a kids size 2 in shoes. He is in need of winter clothes and boots. He is very interested in science crafts and experiments. The 15-year-old daughter wears a women’s size M/L shirt and pants. Her shoe size is 9 1/2 or 10 women’s. She is very in to music (she likes Evanescence music and loves to read fantasy books).


To help the following call Nathan Trinastich at 406-303-1200. 

  • A mom is seeking help to provide Christmas presents for her children. Her 5-year-old would like a "Finding Dory" DVD, Finding Nemo stuffed animals, a Pop Troll stuffed animal and Legos. Her 2-year-old girl would like a My Little Pony movie and stuffed animal and any other toys that a 2-year-old might like. The 6-month-old baby needs baby bottles, size 3-6 sleepers, infant toys. Gift cards are also welcome.