‘Do my homework more often’: Kids from NIE classes share their goals for the next 12 months

2011-01-02T00:30:00Z ‘Do my homework more often’: Kids from NIE classes share their goals for the next 12 months missoulian.com
January 02, 2011 12:30 am

In keeping with a yearly tradition, teachers who participate in the Missoulian's Newspaper in Education program were invited to submit New Year's resolutions from their students. We hope you will be inspired to do likewise after reading these kids' intentions for 2011. Thanks to everyone who participated.

- Mary Gerber, NIE coordinator


Grade 5

Teacher: Archie Tamietti

Jesse Squires: Give my sister a gift for Christmas because it would be really nice, considering it is Christmas.

Zach Schroeder: Take care of my geckos.

Jared Kline: Send more letters to my friends in Kalispell.

Ryan Baeten: Be nicer to our Chihuahua, and to my lovely sisters.

Max Bauer: Pay more attention in school because my friends are in the same class and I pay more attention to my friends than to school.

Katelyn Terry: Do my homework and get good grades. Also, I'll do a job to go to college.

Abby Tollefson: Be nicer to people around me and start saving my money instead of spending, so I can go to college.

Nick Rausch: Pick up around the house more. I also want to finish the projects I start so they're not lying on the floor.

Hunter Ring: Try to get rid of this fat and get A's in my subjects.

Tyce Pedersen: Stop biting my nails and get abs, because I'd look awesome.

Ashley Koerner: Use less Chapstick because if I use it too much I could get sick.

James Clark: Write more letters to my friends in San Diego.

Kenna Guenther: Be nicer to my brother. I'll try to hold back when I feel like slapping him. I will also try not to argue with him. I will try to help my parents with chores and do as I'm told, when I'm told to do it.

Brooklyn Little: Be nicer to my family and not argue. I also will try to be a better student, not talk to friends in class, and get better grades. I will also be more thankful for the food, clothes and house that I am provided.

Destini Greer: Get the B+ on my report card up to an A. I would also like to eat less of my dad's chocolate chip cookies.

Kristin Hall: Listen to my parents and do my chores weekly. I have a lot to do but I can do it.

Hudsyn DiBrito: Be green by planting trees and picking up litter.

Trevor Lueck: Work harder in social studies.

Bransyn Simpson: Help my dad more around the place.


Grade 5

Teacher: Lee Weldon

Cody Fyfe: Start lifting weights so I can finally beat my brother in a boxing match.

Trent Blanken: Clean my room once a month. Then I will try not to toss candy at my cats and give them cat food, not human food. I will try to be nice to my sister, and play with my little brother if he doesn't scream.

Sam Pflug: Build bigger and more snowmen, and have more snowball fights.

Leah Normandy: Resolve my weight because I think I'm overweight, so I will exercise and eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Mason Laliberty: Become a better sports player because it's an excuse to go out when my mom says I can't because I have to do my homework even though I'm already really good.

Jason Difort: Be nicer to my cat, take shorter showers, turn off the light when I'm not in the room, and play video games shorter.

Ben Griggs: Keep my room clean for a whole year, don't leave stuff on the ground, and clean up after my rabbit when I let her out of the cage.

Tucker Johnson: Be a better person and don't mess around as much as I have been.

Tyler Gillespie: Don't play tricks on my sister and turn off my light when I leave the room.

Jethro Thorne: Quit roaming on the computer so much and spend more quality time reading books and doing my homework.

Hannah Parrott: Try to recycle more at home and at school to help save the environment.

Rian Dahl: Recycle more than I do already at home and be kinder to my little sis. Also, eat at least one piece of cheese every day.

Dax Miller: Try to save my money for when I need it, and I am going to get better grades.

Celena Squires: Get up early every weekend to clean up the messes around the house.

Jenna Engebretson: Get A's and B's on my report card for the rest of the year because I will get $50 from my brother.

Madison Paul: Take hunter's safety in the summer, take the tests and get all A's on them, and get my license to shoot wildlife when it is hunting season.


Grade 4

Teacher: Michele Riordan

Peyton: Focus on my work and not draw all over it. I will not push or shove when I get mad.

Lauren: Get amazing grades and let my sisters Emma or Kiran be the teacher when we play school.

Breanna: Smile at my brother every time I see him.

Ryelee: Help my mom with my little brother.

Tyler: Stop throwing things away that are still useful, keep my desk clean, and do what my mom says without fighting.

Sterling: Work harder on my math and make people in my life happy.

Demeter: I could give more, and love more.

Jim Bob: Stop playing video games and help my mom wash dishes and take out the garbage.

Caleb: Listen to other people's ideas and do my chores when I am supposed to.

Logan: Help my mom and my teacher when they need it and get along with my brother Dylan.

Ashley: Donate stuff to people who don't have homes. I will be a better student by being active in gym and creative in art.

Jean Paul: If I could make one resolution for the world, it would be to help save endangered species of birds. Otherwise, I will leave my sister Marlena alone when she has friends over and turn my homework in on time.

Rachel: I will not pollute. I will recycle and pick up trash when I see it. I will help my friends when they ask for help.

Mason: Do my chores.

Pachia: I will not watch TV every day, and I will study anything my teacher gives me.

Scott: Do my homework more often.

Forrest: Listen more, learn more and be kind.

Kaylee: Be a better daughter by going to bed on time and not fighting with Tyler and Jada.

Emmarie: I will try to stand up to bullies to make peace on Earth.

Bryce: Put my friends before myself and try not to fight with my siblings Aleasha, Mac and Ronnie.

Isa: Read more often and focus on math.

Nick: Be a better student by getting good grades on papers and being nice to people I don't know.

Chris: Help my brothers Jake and Dylan learn to ride their bikes and try to help more around the house.

Danielle: Get better at reading and try to be nice to my sister Tora.

Piper: Do things the first time I'm asked and stand up for my friends.

Alex: Get better grades in reading and don't fight with my mom or my sister Denise.

Feather: Be a better student in math and follow directions at home.

Jacob: Try hard to listen to my teacher and always do my best.

Whitefish Independent High School

Grades 10-12

Teacher: Matt Holloway

Jennifer Atchinson: Learn to make lasagna while freestyle rapping.

Jelena Bailey: Go to Sasquatch again.

Tucker Chambers: Go to Sasquatch again and master riding switch.

Myckaela Chapman: Get better at ice skating so I don't face-plant.

Tevis Giesy: Be healthier and keep a relationship for more than two weeks.

Andee Davis: Get an apartment in Missoula and a job.

Jessica Gutierrez: Relax more.

Cody Hill: Start college courses.

Max Lamb: Attend one music festival and at least five concerts.

Melissa Lime: Be a bomb mom, and ask for help more when I need it.

Victoria Mikesell: Tell people how much I love them.

Brandi Mitchell: Get a job.

Shawna McConnell: Make a three-tier chocolate and banana cake and smash it in my friend Max Lamb's face.

Brooke Nelson: Be more optimistic towards life and be satisfied with the simple things.

Jade Seefeldt: Keep a positive outlook on life. Flower power!

Michael Herbig: Don't say "dude" so often.

Collin Schwegel: Graduate.

Kayleen Stone: Learn to beat-box.

Demi Sullivan: Learn to surf and have bountiful biceps like Max Lamb.

Jennifer Vail: Graduate early and get an internship at Disney World.

Will Van Atta: Get top three in every amateur ski competition.

Dayne Wood: Ski more on the Big Mountain this year.

St. Regis

Grades 5-6

Teacher: Diane Gingerich

Connor Dunlap: Be a better speller.

Brandon Managhan: Spend more time with my family.

Emily Nelson: Become a better reader and speller.

Ally English: Keep my room clean.

Anna Sanford: Keep my room clean for the whole year.

Justice Tate: Take much better care of my braces.

Lauryn Lowry: Be a better role model for the younger children and keep our school clean for the entire year.

Tommy Lewis: Be more organized.

Zianna King: Get all A's.

Triston Carman: Keep my bedroom clean for the whole year.

Jacob Jasper: Be more active with my dog.

Liam Murphy: Be kinder to my little brother and sister.

Logan Ward: Help my sister, Dad and Mom take care of our two dogs for the whole year.

Abbie Dellinger: Eat healthy foods.

Courtney Cheesman: Keep my room clean.

Cole Wickham: Read 50 or more books this year.

Bowen Holbrook: Do better in class so I can get better grades.

Jasmine Jones: Get better grades in school and try harder in class.

Payton Green: Do better in school and don't miss one day of school.

Trent Green: Work out and jog every day.

Trevor Lowry: Get better grades.

Ebon Jones: Create friends who have ideas on how to stop bullying.

Madison Hill: Eat healthy for the whole year.

Jesse Reinsch: Get good grades.

Lauryn Shoupe: Work harder and be better in sports.

St. Ignatius

Grades 2-5

Teacher: Susan Batiuchok

Mia Armijo: Get better grades in school and stop eating candy.

Kaylee Schulz: Don't be mean to my sisters.

Anthony Gravagno-Henes: Be more respectful to my family, do things without having to be told and do things right the first time.

Michael Durglo: Be nice to my family.

Christopher Anderson: Spend more time with my brother Miles and play with my shepherd dog Gussy.

Kane Olson: Work harder in school.

Geniva Burrafato: Don't bug my cousins and be nicer.

Donovan Garland: Skate more; practice to be a pro skateboarder.

Tyler Anthony: Improve my handwriting.

Sophie Tolbert: Gain 10 pounds and don't back-talk Mom.

Arena Porter: Be nicer to my sister, clean my room every Tuesday and Thursday, and keep my desk clean.

Troy Mitchell: Practice football so I can be a professional player; get better grades my working harder in school.

Leila Marsh: Lose some weight and have fun.

Lisette Wells: Continue to improve in math by staying focused.

Sierra Esslinger: Lose some weight and get straight A's by working hard.

Tia Butler: Get my English grade up by studying at night.

Adrianna Umphrey: Try my hardest to get A's and B's.

Autumn Porter: Stop fighting with my sister Arena; stop lying to my family and other people.

Caitlyn Sorrell: Be nice to all people.

Mya McCrea: Stop fighting with my sisters.

Jo Lynn Girsch: Be more patient with my baby sister.

Nacheyla Dempsey: Practice my division facts.

Jonah Jones: Stop fighting with my sisters.

Gerard Wall: Stop fighting with my little cousin Dominique; play football every day.

Darshan Bolen: Stop fighting with my brothers and sister.

Isabell Oliver: Get my homework done every day.

Aaliyah Stults: Control my anger, help people when they have problems and be nice.

Addison Arlint: Be nicer to my brother and help others.

Azia Umphrey: Say "please" more often.

Keisha Dillard: Be nice to others and respect other people.

Destiny Manuel: Say "thank you" if someone gives me something.

Olivia Garland: Be nicer to my friends, respect other people's things and treat others the way I want to be treated.

Jenna Umphrey: Be nice to everyone.

Brynn Pule: Follow the rules at school.


Grades 1-2

Teacher: Karla Crawford

Gwenyth Reed: Eat an apple every day.

Kellen Bradt: Read a chapter book every month.

Analise Migliaccio: Try and not fight with my sisters.

Jace Pedersen: Eat one sweet thing per month.

Loch Tate: Play video games only two days per month.

Layla Windsor: Make my bed every day.

Grady Anderson: Clean my room twice a week.

Ryan Coulter: Read two chapter books per month.

Anna Schroeder: Make my bed every day.

Gabbie Reed: Don't fight with my sister as much.

Jocelyn Henderson: Clean my room every day.

Claire Schneiter: Change my earrings twice a day.

CashLynn Wood: Go through my clothes.

Lucas Schroeder: Eat a carrot every day.

Oliver Post: Read one chapter book per month.

Eli Pedersen: Try and not fight with my brother.

Rylie Morton: Sort my room every day.

Target Range

Grade 4

Teacher: Randee Stephens

Hayley Peterson: Be nicer to my sister.

Jasmine Bowler: Be a better friend.

Mike Lengyel: Help my dad tarp some of his loads for his trucking business.

Clayton Schmidt: Be a good friend.

Darien O'Hern: Get along with my siblings.

Zachary Nelson: Be a better sport and go with the flow.

Cheyenne Cathey: Help Mom around the house by cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. I know I can do all of these things without being asked.

Amiah Johnson: Stand up to bullying more often.

Noah Trainer-Johnson: Help around the house.

Sidney Triepke: Help my mom more than usual.

August Bentle: Do better in math.

Hank Mesenko: Take my dog out more and help around the house.

Reed Noyd: Be a better skier.

Keilani Curran: Practice sports more often so I can get better at them.

Mariah Swartz: Help the Earth by picking up trash and not littering.

Katherine Rolle: Stop fighting with my siblings.

Brookie Gee: Help my mom more around the house.

Zane Holland: Have more fun with my family.

Kylee Billingsley: Do better in math and get good grades.

Christian Unger: Play with my cousins more and learn how to ride a skateboard.

Abigail McCleerey: Explore more with my grandfather.

Tommy Wilber: Play outside to make more friends.

Ryan Gallagher: Catch the ball more by practicing football.

Ashton Petrey: Play with my dog Pepper more often.

Zach Cathey: Be a better football player.

Target Range

Grade 4

Teacher: Peggy Purdy

Mishayla Brinda: Help my mom clean the house.

Jett Kliber: Help with my two dogs.

Jaiden Resner: Brush my teeth and clean the house without being told.

Molly Weigel: Stop watching TV because if you have a test, you will be wrong because you watched TV last night.

Sam Tripke: Listen to my mom and dad.

Mitchell Ballas: Take care of all my animals.

Rollie Worster: Help my dad out more around the house and yard.

Madi Provo: Get my round-off backhand spring back flip.

Daniel Morin: Work harder on my chores, take better care of my pets and work hard at school.

Cyrus Olson: Go out and play.

Maddie Wheelock: Help the animals at the shelter. I want to bring in food for them, give them attention and walk the dogs.

Jim Seielstad: Clean my room in the new house my family is building.

Jordyn Pearson: Pick up trash and help pick up my neighborhood to make people and the Earth happy.

Emma Monaghan: Help around the house when I'm told, take care of my dog and work harder at school.

Zach Harvey: Pick up after myself and others.

Blake Francis: Work harder on all of my chores and play with my dog. I also will try to wake up earlier and work harder in school.

Emilee Maplethorpe: Help my mom around the house and help take care of my dog.

Trey Good: Play with my rats and feed my dogs when my mom or dad tells me to.

Justin Burlingame: Eat more.

Carly Neal: Help out with all the animals and help out everybody else.

Jasmine Fortmann: Learn how to ice skate.

Erin Schmidt: Work harder at school, exercise in the summer and

help someone if they are stuck on a problem.

Danny Crippen: Always listen to my mom and dad, play more outside and help when asked.

Spencer Evins: Shovel the driveway.

Zeke Arledge: Help my mom more and try harder on my chores.

Cody Miller: Train my dog better, clean up trash, take care of my horse and rabbits and work hard.

Kayla McClure: Help animals in the pound get a home.


Grade 3

Teacher: Carole Monlux

Natalie Millar: Try to help make world peace.

Eliot Biehl: Finish reading the "How to Train Your Dragon" series.

Gwyn Noah: Don't tease my stepbrothers.

Lawson Goodloe: Make sure my hamster always has food and water and is taken out of its cage at least once a day.

Isabella Adams: Clean my room without being told.

Theresa Liu: Not think something is not fair when it is.

Maxfield McCormick: Make my bed and turn off the lights in my room without being asked.

Andrew Lodmell: Don't drink any pop.

Swan Valley, Condon

Grades K-3

Teachers: Susan Bracha and Colleen Kesterson

Sebastian: Be a good boy in school so I don't get in big trouble.

Kinley: Do better in school and help my grandma and grandpa do the firewood.

Mikayla: Get along with my brothers.

Jayla: Do better in math, spelling, vocabulary and language; get along with other kids.

Kyra: Take better care of my brother.

Micah: Take better care of my hamster.

Seth: Finish my homework.

Connor: Try not to get any refocuses.

Rose: Try to do better handwriting.

Trista: Keep my room cleaner.

Kyla: Try to read better.

K. William Harvey, Ronan

Grade 5

Teacher: Jane Whaling

Jodi Burland: Keep my room clean and do my homework.

Sacred Mankuk: Help my mom clean the cat litter, be a better person and help my family be a good family.

Kade Schutzmann: Play outside and be active to be healthier.

Sundance Boggs: Keep my room clean for the whole year and exercise a lot more by running.

Darius Redstar: On Christmas, I am going to help some of my cousins putt batteries in their toys. I will not yell. I will be happy.

Rozlyn Bluemel: Get good grades.

Hunter Peterson: Turn in all of my assignments so I have a high chance of getting A's.

Kyra Aimsback: Get good grades, be good in school and help people.

Manuel Gonzalez: Clean my room every day before I go to school so my mom doesn't have to.

Micalann McCrea: Keep my room clean and help my parents so they are prouder of me.

Chandler Krahn: Be nicer to people who are not my friends.

Bailee Delaurenti: Be nice to my family, friends and everybody; help my mom more.

Chase Bocksnick: Don't get involved in fights.

Brooklyn Olson: Help my friends and family and be nice when they ask me to do something.

Nicholas Antoine: Pick up trash on the street.

Kyla Andres: Help out as much as I can with my Uncle Sean. He was paralyzed this year and it's been hard for his family.

Tevin Messerly: Help the animals at the shelter.


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