Hawthorne Elementary School, Missoula, fourth grade

Teachers: Michele Riordan and Kristina Fields

Anders Bell: I will try not to argue so much and wish my friends a Merry Christmas.

Evan Berna: I will control my anger when I’m mad and ask other kids to play with me if they have no one to play with.

Ethan Bivens: I will give my friends more of my time at recess, give them more respect, and not get mad when the teacher is helping me with my work.

Michael Bobko: I will recycle and preserve water and not brag when my team wins and my friends’ team doesn’t,

Harvey Brady: I will say good morning to everyone and grow flowers and feed the birds.

Evah Cutfinger: I will try not to get mad at my brother and let my friends choose the games we play when they are at my house.

Dylan Dickhausen: I will try to stay on task and not stare into space and get my work done on time.

Tysin Erickson-Troutman: I will help my dad fix cars and be kind to the homeless.

Mikeila Gergen: I will not be bossy to my friends anymore, will get my work done on time, and listen to my mom the first time she says clean my room.

DJ Hall: To be a better student, I will listen to the speaker.

Rylee Harris: I will be kind, respectful, and humble.

Andre Hassan: I will stop watching TV, do my homework and read everyday.

Issac Loehner: I will do my best at math group and follow directions, and clean my room when my mom tells me to.

Hailey Luther: I will start trying to be more kind, quit daydreaming and talking in class and recycle bottles.

Savannah Manning: I will stop giggling with my friends during class and say something nice about my friends every once in a while.

Aeden McCray: To be a better son, I will do what I’m told right away and pick up litter.

Razlynn Myers: I will have pride in nature by keeping it clean.

Abbi Olson: I will focus more in class and clean my room more often.

Breanna Smith: I will take my homework home and bring it back the NEXT day, do the dishes when first asked,and help all animals by becoming a vet.

Marcus Smith: I will always listen to my parents the first time and never break any laws.

Kolsen Stewart: I will try not to be late for school every day, pick up my clothes instead of getting yelled at and pick up trash if I see it.

Carmyn Stinson: I will not talk back to the teacher, listen to my mom, and compliment people for doing a good job.

Kenadee Thorkelson: To be the best daughter, I will help do chores in my house and be willing to play with my sister, Nevaeh.

Aidan White: I will spend more time learning about ancient and classical history by watching more documentaries and reading more books.

Kensington Williams: I will not talk to the people around me in class and make better choices. I will be a vet when I grow up to help the world’s nature environment.

Wesley Wood: I will say “thank you” more, help my dad when he doesn’t feel good, and help people when they need help.

Miya Wright: I will do my chores and listen to my mom when she says I have to do something.

Hayzen Yeheyes: I will stop playing around with my friends and tablemates when I should be listening.

Teacher: Emily Weber

Mairyn Agostineli: I will work hard in school, walk my dog, and be more encouraging to my friends.

Lance Comes-At-Night: I will listen to my mom and dad and pick up trash around the neighborhood.

Mikey Downing: I will stop fighting with my sister, complete my chores, and pick up trash around the city.

Anthony Ford: I will practice more for tests, make my bed everyday, and pick up trash when I see it.

Henry Grayhawk: I will practice my spelling everyday, not talk back to my parents, and listen to what my friends want to do instead of what I want to do.

Karli Haury: I will do the dishes without complaining, listen to my friends, and clean the ditch outside my hours.

Hannah Haynes: I will give things I no longer need to the homeless and help my mom with the laundry.

Elias Homme-Moore: I will pay more attention in class, include everyone in games, and compost or recycle.

Trinity Hunter: I will focus and get my work finished, I will do more chores at home, and pick up trash around the town.

Mia Land: I will volunteer and spend time cleaning up trash, be more thankful, and read 30 minutes or more each day.

River Lee: I will volunteer at the food bank and animal shelter, listen to others when they are talking, and help my parents with chores.

Marissa Lozeau: I will work hard at listening and reading, help my best friends when they need it, and help people carry things when it is too heavy.

Taylyn Mauer: I will listen to other people’s ideas, be as kind a possible, and pick up trash outside.

Richard Morris: I will follow directions, help others in need, and help my parents with chores around the house

Briana Newman: I will listen to my friends more carefully, donate to people in need, and get my homework done everyday.

Misha Schackart: I will help keep my school clean and do chores that my mom asks me to do.

Sophia Schraufnagel: I will read harder books, say please and thank you more often, and recycle.

Emma Schwindt: I will work on being more kind, listen to my parents, and pick up trash on my street.

Aurora Smith: I will work harder on spelling, try to solve problems with my friends, and clean up litter.

Nizhoni Thomas-Cochran: I will work hard in school, do the best to support my family in any way, and volunteer where help is needed.

Tylor Upham: I will spend more time with my dad.

Madison Welch: I will follow directions, be responsible, and help my friends to be happy when they are sad.

Brayden Young: I will do the best I can school, pick up my room after playing, and pick up garbage in the woods and around town.

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