In keeping with a yearly tradition, teachers who participate in the Missoulian’s Newspaper in Education program were invited to submit New Year’s resolutions from their students. We hope you will be inspired to do likewise after reading these kids’ intentions for 2013. Happy New Year!

- Mary Gerber, NIE coordinator

Target Range

Grade 4, teacher: Karen Bakker

Brady Blank: Learn how to catch a football better than I normally can.

Faith Wells: Help donate money to an animal shelter.

Delanie Peterson: Learn to dive because I have to plug my nose underwater and you would not be diving if you could only use one hand.

Alexis Knight: I want to change that some people could be nice to us. And I want to throw a perfect strike in softball.

Jacob Hibbitts: Learn how an airplane works.

Logan Schoening: Jog five miles each day so I can be faster.

Jordan Bowler: Try to behave for my dad and help him and other people. Have fun with my family.

Caden Knight: Have the best Christmas ever.

Malie Sainsbury: Eat healthy meals because I want to stay healthy.

Bethanie Hicks: Learn how to do a back handspring on the ground or a front walkover.

Sabryn Knight: Learn how to bake Christmas cupcakes for my family and Santa.

Bella Bartley: Do better in school and get my work done so that I can do all the stuff other kids get to do.

Lisa Funston: Be able to do a back handspring.

Erick Cole: Get better at school like with social studies and math.

St. Regis

Grades 4-6, teacher: Diane Gingerich

Keanan Taylor: Use as many good manners as I can.

Nic Day: Become a guitar player so when I grow up I can start a band.

Aaron Carty: Take piano lessons from my mom.

Ian Farris: Spend more time outside doing something athletic, like running, before dinner.

Javen Hughes: Try new art forms and art styles to become a better artist.

Cody Lewis: Not hurt myself as much on accident.

Dante Lewis: Become a better speller. My plan is to practice all the words I get wrong on a test.

Zech Flandreau: Stay in shape so I can play more sports.

Ashley Wilson: Improve my writing.

Kylee Thompson: Work on my writing, not only in school but other places, too.

Arthur Drobny: Become an amazing guitar player and be more helpful to people.

Nicole Orrison: Be better at staying organized by keeping my room and locker clean.

Andrew Elshaug: Cut out junk food. I want to be strong again.

Jack Mitchell: Get better grades so I can go to college.

Emma Hill: Train my cats to stay over at the barn.

Noah King: Have more patience with other people.

Makynna Lowry: Not damage my phone and keep it in good shape.

Derek Higgins: Get very high on the leaderboards for “Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies.” I want to become famous.

James Morales: Improve my reading level.

Marshall Green: Eat a little healthier and exercise more.

Brock Cantrell-Field: Do whatever I can to make sure my sister is fully recovered from what’s happening to her.

Kyle Green: Get my own fast ATV so I can win races for money.

Tiffiny Jones: Become a better person by being kind and helpful to others and cheering up people who are having a bad day.

Andrew Sanford: Improve my basketball skills by practicing more with my dad and spending more time in the gym.

Kendra Brown: Improve myself by staying in from specials and all of the recesses so I can do my homework haven’t done.

Sammy McMurray: Read 30 minutes a day or more.

Chloe Cielke: Train my dog, T-bone, by hitting him on the nose. I will give him treats if T-bone listens to me. If T-bone does not do what I say, I will keep trying until he gets it.

Thomas Anderson: Do better on my art. I will do it every weekend.

Grace King: Improve my spelling by doing it every day.

Jakob Lohman: Pass my reading goal by reading more than once a week.

Barbara Mitchell: Do more reports on science and watch more science videos.

Elizabeth Nelson: Exercise every week.


Grade 3, teacher: Melinda Hettick

Owen Cornwell: Go on a family bike ride and snowboarding.

Hailey Neisinger: Get straight A’s.

Noah Bottcher: What I want to accomplish on New Year’s Day is give my dogs a bath.

Jaidyn Larson: Keep my work up and keep getting A’s on my midterms and report card.

Clayton Stevens: Get straight A’s in school.

Zane Martin: Win a first-place medal for USA wrestling before 2014.

Cassidy Steber: Help my mom by playing with my brother when she needs me to.

Addison Chase: Read better and get better at cursive.

Jocelyn Henderson: Start taking care of my toys by putting them away.

Caden Zaluski: Try to stop eating junk food.

Kolbi Wood: Keep getting A’s on my report card.

Anna Schroeder: Not rush through everything so I can be done. I also don’t want to talk too much because then I won’t get my work done.

Sarah Craun: Get better at wrestling.

Lucas Schroeder: Not lose any valuable stuff and not eat junk food.

Zale Bender: Not eat junk food.

Luke Maki: Each quarter and year of school, I will get straight A’s.

Nathan Beebe: Help out more.

Carina McCollum: Get outside more.

Alex Johnson: Get fit and eat well.

Ryan Monk: Keep getting toe tokens for walking miles.

Dylan Meidinger: Ride my four-wheeler with my sister and Daddy in our new Ranger.

Target Range

Grade 3, teacher: Peggy Purdy

Trevor Sorini: Do my homework, clean my room, do what my mom and dad say.

Taylor Mitchell: Practice and practice to be a surgeon and do lots of surgery; help people in need with food, clothes and presents.

Priscilla Applegate: Practice gymnastics to be really good and be able to teach other kids.

Cali Higgins: Score a lot in basketball.

Christian Morin: Work hard so I can be the best NFL player ever.

Bailey Woodin: Practice guitar and be a famous singer.

Kaylyn Ferguson: Be a better figure skater; practice and get better at basketball; not talk for a whole day; practice gymnastics to be in cheerleading; practice swimming.

Zane Cartensen: Learn to play guitar.

Cole Sandberg: Get better at skiing and shredding snow; be able to say black diamonds are “so, so, so, so, so easy” and beat my parents.

Hunter Hayden: Be polite in class and anywhere else, say thank you and please; never bully; someday be in the NFL or college football or NBA basketball.

Deklan Kulaski: Try and be a great baseball player by running faster, hitting harder and practice catching better.

Jory Bauer: Be a better booter in football; be in the NFL.

Kyra Miner: Try to do better in karate.

Charla Mosley: Be better at karate.

Jace Taylor: Build a lot of magical towns; play Minecraft on Xbox.

Chaise Meyer: Play with my two dogs.

Brandon Hensley: Practice football to be in the NFL; be quiet in class.

Lincoln Rogers: Learn how to survive in the middle of nowhere, practice a lot of baseball and learn the secrets of Minecraft.

Sean Grant: Be in a band.

Noah Bruner: Be the best basketball player in my family.

Hellgate Elementary

Grade 3, teacher: Jo Fix

Hadlie: Be more kind to my little brother.

Emma: Be way nicer to my sisters.

Rhea: Try my best not to be mean to my sister and my brother.

Laurissa: Help my mom, dad and sister cook in the kitchen.

Amelia: Help my mom fold the clothes and wash all of the dishes.

Jetta: Be more artistic, have a new attitude and make more friends.

Maddox: Sleep in!

Lillian: Try to floss every day.

Chase: Do a better job looking at people when they talk to me.

Braedyn: Help my sister with her baby.

Clara: Help my mom cook more often.

Maisy: Help people get food, water and clothes.

Avery: Spend time with my grandma and we will light the fireworks.

Bradley: Help clean the house.

Daniel: Help my mom take in groceries.

Gabbie: Work hard in gymnastics so I can get to level five.

Isaac: Be the best wrestler in my weight group.

Jaden: Not lie to my mom.

Acacia: Get better at math.

Kelsi: Be “more teachable” like my brother and Dad say.

Marisa: Help my mom in the kitchen more.

Max: Sleep in more and have more fun!

Riley: Work on being nicer to my sister.

Target Range

Grade 3, teacher: Andrea Kleven

Faolan Hendricks: Go on a trip to Seattle.

Ryanie: Be quieter every day; get better at reading, writing and spelling.

Kaiden Pruitt: Eat healthy.

Pilar Seielstad: Not get in trouble once this year.

Brendyn Shannon: For everyone to have the best time of their lives.

Simon Clater: Not get in trouble.

Avari Batt: Not watch TV for 365 days.

Benjamin Carter: Get all A’s on my report card.

Alissa Sampson: Do my homework and get good grades every day.

Ryan Shields: Be good.

Chase Jacobs: Get good grades, be good and be appropriate.

Tennisen Hiller: Be safe and follow the laws.

Bridger Maddox: Read all the “Magic Tree House” books.

Bridger Sutherland: Get good grades and not go to the principal’s office; get a sticker every Monday.

Emma Hibbits: For people to take Christmas more seriously than just thinking about all the presents that they get.

Sophia Weiss: Whenever it’s a new year, I always try to stay up all night; have a good year.

Noah Skinner: Be nicer to the kids on the playground.

Jaydence Ross: Try not to have stage fright and get A+’s on all my work.

Alana Keeland: Go grass boarding every week.

Alli Bentle: Read more.

Ryan Pollack: Be quieter every day; get better at reading, writing and spelling.

Adam Vang: Work harder in school.

Target Range

Grade 4, teacher: Randee Stephens

Jackson Triepke: Practice my stopping in hockey.

Jace Tolleson Knee: Work on ball handling and shooting to get better at basketball.

Kaeli Pratt: Be a better cheerleader like Elizabeth.

Jayden Beed: Get better in division.

Jenna Johnson: Practice every day for basketball.

Nya Meeder: Get better at hockey.

Eiiann McClure: Help my dad and mom move furniture.

Anya Craig: Work on different strokes to improve my swimming.

William Ward: Get better at math.

Henry Brown: Behave better in class and at home.

Madi Morin: Play with my family more, including my pets.

Christian Nemetchek: Try to behave in class and sit down in my chair and do my work instead of taking to my friends.

Jayden Summerfield: Learn to ride my bike.

Parker Peddicord: Help animals and work harder at the animal shelter.

Colter Janacaro: Get better at being a catcher in baseball and get better at pitching.

Michaela Deschamps: Practice shooting hoops and dribbling faster for basketball.

Kyler Managhan: Be a better blocker in football.

Hawthorne Elementary

Grade 4, teacher: Michele Riordan

Suzy: Make sure I have my schoolwork and chores done before doing fun activities like playing and watching TV.

David: Try to be a better person by being kinder to my parents and not starting any fights with my friends.

Taylor: Do a better job of controlling my temper and being a role model for younger students.

Tanner: Work on getting all my homework done and turned in on time.

Satori: Not start any drama with my friends and I won’t talk about them behind their backs.

Max: Try to fight with my brother less and help my mom and dad so they don’t have to work so hard.

Hayden: Help clean the kitchen and be a better role model at recess.

Grace: Try not to fiddle with the stuff in my desk, keep my room clean and do laundry.

Sam: Try to give more respect to my teacher, play more fairly and make new friends.

Savannah: I will not be mean, steal or yell at my friends.

Macy: Try not to leave anyone out when playing with my friends.

Trent: Become more responsible by helping with my little sister, doing my chores and listening to my teacher.

Brenden: I will not argue. I will do more chores, read more and help my brother Christian with projects.

Lexie: Respect my friends and treat them how I want to be treated.

Harry: Let my brother and my sister play with my things more often and help stop global warming.

Tay: Pick up trash for a cleaner Earth.

Karlie: Try to stay out of my sisters Alex and Addison’s business.

Trenton: Work hard to behave and be safe.

Dominic: Listen more carefully when my younger brother and sister talk to me.

Oswald: Work on being more respectful to other people, not starting fights with my sister and not making my parents stressed.

Robbie: Make my bed and keep my room clean.

Kaylee: Check to make sure I have my homework before I leave school and leave my sister Kelsi alone.

Isaac: I have a big family so I will stop doing my homework and pay more attention to them. I will actually listen to what they are saying.

Skye: Change my B’s to A’s in school.

Amanda: Help Mom and Dad clean the house and help my sister clean our bedroom.

Piper: Be a good friend and donate money to the poor.

Aidan: Improve as a student by bringing in my homework; listen to my mom and not fight so much with my brother.

Target Range

Grade 3, teacher: Melodee Burreson

Dylan Hanneman: Bring my homework back every day.

Colleen Harvey: Be better at home.

Brooke Williams: Take care of my fish better.

Justin Dickhaut: Go to bed every night.

Owen Gibbs: Be a better person.

MariAuna Ballas: Rock climb more.

Justin N.: Fix my bike.

Elly Thorpe: Not fight with my brother.

Charlie Watson: Not fight with my sister.

Mya Buchanan: Take care of my family and be nice to them.

Finley Kliber: Not fight with my brothers.

Gino Zavarelli: Eat healthy food.

Blake Weingart: Not fight with my sister.

Kallie Godina: Take better care of my pets.

T.J. Higuera: Be nice and bring my homework.

Grayson Sandau: Not fight with my mom.

Hailey Flamand: Practice basketball like my dad wants me to.

Lily Conover: Practice dance more.


Grade 3, teacher: Karla Crawford

Logan Stoltz: Pick up trash from the playground and help kids read.

Rylie Morton: Play with my animals every day because they need exercise.

Brennan Simmerman: Put food up higher on the shelf and discipline myself and put it back where it was.

Analise Migliaccio: Help the Earth by recycling bags, paper and aluminum.

Asa Snell: Do better in spelling and get straight A’s in school; be nice to my brother.

Claire Schnieter: Walk my dog every day after school.

Kole Whiting: Clean my grandpa’s house because it is really dirty.

Aryanna Green: I want to get five A+’s every day and get good grades.

Robert Johnson: Treat my school with respect and pick up trash to clean the Earth.

Katelynn Garrison: Get better at math tests and get better at reading.

Gabriel Franklin: Play more outside than watching TV.

Mika French: Try my best in math, do the dishes every day and clean my room so it is not dirty. I want to clean the windows in my sister’s bedroom.

Kolin Piper: Earn a badge for picking up garbage for Bear Scouts.

Ashley Wooldridge: Recycle more paper.

Maddox Hurlbert: Walk my dog every day.

Dylon Lambson: Ride my bike with my brother and dog to the end of the road and back four times.

Chloe Thompson: Make old people happy and make them feel special; help dogs and cats find homes.

Allison Streekstra: Walk my dog every day.

Ian Williford: Always help others, do extra chores and read a lot more in school.

Sydney Kostecki: Try to keep my room clean.

Bryce Lohman: Do my chores right when I get home from school.

Gwenyth Reed: Get better at math so I can help my sister with her hard math homework.

Jeron McNair: Keep my room and my yard clean.

Yelena Blomquist: Remember to feed the cat.

Marcus Kluesner: Be nicer to my brother and sister to be responsible to Santa.

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