The Lake County teenager charged with deliberate homicide for the stabbing murder of his stepfather told police after the incident that he had been thinking about “hurting his mom and dad” in the hours before the brutal attack, and wanted “them dead.”

Nathan Adam Butler, 16, is being held at the Missoula County Detention Facility after being accused of killing 51-year-old John Fisher during a surprise attack at the family home in Arlee early Monday morning.

Butler also is charged with attempted deliberate homicide and felony assault with a weapon for allegedly stabbing his mother, Dacia Marie Vollin, in the throat and for stabbing Theodore Perry.

According to court documents filed by the Lake County Attorney’s Office late Friday, Butler admitted to police that he had retrieved a green-handled knife from the family’s kitchen hours before the stabbing.

“He had been waiting for his mother in his room with the intent to stab her,” according to the affidavit. “(Butler) ambushed his mother as she opened his bedroom door. He stabbed her in the throat with a green-handled knife. She cried for help and he just kept stabbing her.”

Then, Fisher entered the room and Butler “went to the kitchen to retrieve another knife. ... (Butler) then proceeded to stab his stepfather with the long knife until the blade broke off.”

Perry was stabbed with a pocket knife after he responded to a cry for help by Fisher, according to the court documents. He was identified as a roommate at the house.

“Perry came out of his bedroom. (Butler) stabbed Perry once. He then stabbed John Fisher again. Fisher dove at (Butler), taking them both to the floor. (Butler) wiggled his way out from underneath John Fisher and then ran out of the house,” the affidavit said.

Butler appeared in Lake County District Court on Tuesday after being arrested Monday in the garage of another residence in Arlee. District Judge Kim Christopher set the teenager’s bail at $250,000.


Authorities were alerted to the incident when Perry’s girlfriend called 9-1-1 at about 5:30 a.m. Monday to report that Perry and Vollin had been stabbed.

Fisher was pronounced dead at the scene. Vollin and Perry were taken to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, where Vollin was treated for “life-threatening injuries” and Perry was treated and released, the court documents state.

Officers recovered the green-handled knife “in a puddle of what appeared to be blood” from Butler’s room. They also recovered the broken blade of the knife allegedly used to stab Fisher and the pocket knife allegedly used to stab Perry, the court documents state.

After being apprehended, Butler admitted that he stabbed his mother and stepfather, the documents state.

“My mom came into my room and I stabbed her multiple times, my stepdad came out, and I did the same to him. (Perry) came out, I stabbed him once and that was it,” Butler told police.

Fisher’s obituary identified Vollin as his fiancee and said he is survived by two sons and two daughters, as well as a granddaughter.

At the hearing Tuesday, Christopher scheduled Butler’s arraignment for no later than this coming Wednesday.

Butler is being held in the Missoula County jail because Lake County does not have facilities to hold juveniles overnight.

Reporter Jenna Cederberg can be reached at 523-5241 or at

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