POLSON – Polson Chief of Police Wade Nash and one of his officers will be required to attend ethics training in a decision handed down by the Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council, also known as POST.

The officer, Cory Anderson, also has been ordered to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation by a certified evaluator and “comply with any and all recommendations by that evaluator.”

Nash also must attend training in evidence procedures that includes evidence logging, maintaining chain of custody and evidence destruction.

Both will retain their POST certifications under the terms of the stipulations and resolutions of their cases.

The council investigated Nash for allegedly tampering with and intimidating a witness in a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks poaching investigation in 2010 in which Lake County law enforcement officers had been implicated. The chief also was accused of accepting a shotgun as a gift for running a sale of guns that had been seized as evidence, in violation of the law.

Nash allegedly used Anderson’s cellphone to call the witness in the poaching case. Anderson’s case, meantime, included allegations of multiple incidents involving alcohol, including a car crash, domestic abuse and being kicked out of a bar for public intoxication.

The case was amended to drop an additional incident in which Anderson originally was characterized as “operator of a boat in an alcohol-related boating accident in 2004 which resulted in a death.”

Clayton L. Coker, acting executive director of POST, confirmed that other POST cases involving former Lake County Undersheriff Karey Reynolds and Lake County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Sargeant are no longer being pursued.

Reporter Vince Devlin can be reached at 1-800-366-7186 or at vdevlin@missoulian.com.

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This whole this is just a bunch of drama. I can tell you this right now that this is an article full of lies and half truths. Polson does have its problems but this is not one to worry about you will see that this whole thing is going to end up blowing over and a bunch of people are going to look like fools to the public. There is nothing wrong with the Polson Police system but i will admit there are some pretty corrupt people in the sheriffs department. Having growing up around all this I know to much about this. But nobody ever decides to mess with the bigger person. I am enraged at this article for all of the lies and half truths put into it. Polson is a great community and the people here do what they can to make it that. most of the help comes from the Polson Police system to helpo out to community and make it a safe place to be. I would like to see what all of you have to say to my comment so ncome at me

old farmer

The jokers in Missoula have no right bad mouth Polson. Your Grizz get a free ticket to rape and plunder. The cops in Missoula are so afraid of being non- politically correct they won't do the public justice. Polson is still a safer place to live than your Zoo.


This stuff is just the tip of the ice berg in Lake County and in the City of Polson. This has been going on for several years. Their needs to be a complete over haul in the Police Department and it needs to happen ASAP. If it were an everyday MoJo doing what these officers are doing they would go to prison. Get rid of em! and not just the bad apples, the whole department. They need to all be replaced.

Bob Marshall

Ethics training is a joke. Do they seriously believe these guys didn't already know what their ethical obligations were? ...and chose to ignore them. Fire 'em.

old farmer

Polson has some problems, but it is a much safer place to live than Missoula.

John P Weber
John P Weber

Polson's police chief should be suspended until such time as he sis declared to have finished his re-training and a notice be placed in his personal file stating that any other voilartions of the law will result in termination and loss of all accrued benefits..This person as the cheif sets the example for those under him and he failed badly.


Didn't those jokers learn anything at the police academy?


Criminals chasing criminals. .. I feel much safer in Polson!

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