A Florence woman is in custody for allegedly pointing a gun inches from a man's face and repeatedly firing the weapon during a prolonged altercation near Plant Creek Road, where she reportedly told the man to "get off my (expletive) mountain."

Stormi Renea Wilkes, 29, was arrested Wednesday after two men who were in the area with her corroborated the same strange story. 

According to the police reports, Wilkes was in a camp with Ben Williamson, who was apparently afraid of Wilkes and was violating his probation by being in the camp. A second man, Williamson's friend, arrived and Wilkes and Williamson began arguing before she headed off into the woods. 

While the friends were driving back toward town, Wilkes reportedly sped past them on the narrow road, making obscene gestures and shouting obscenities. 

"(Wilkes) then proceeded to drive down Plant Creek Road, and stopped at a spot about a half-mile from where (the friend) and Williamson were now parked," the court documents explained. 

The pair could see the woman parked because the road followed a series of switchbacks and they were higher up the mountain.

It was there, prosecutors allege, that Wilkes took out her pistol and fired the gun in the men's direction. Williamson said she emptied the magazine during the incident, and Missoula County sheriff's deputies later found 15 spent .380 shell casings in the dirt.  

The men proceeded down the road and again encountered the woman, stopped alongside the road.

After an argument with Williamson's friend regarding her relationship with Williamson, the woman reportedly took out her black .380 handgun with a laser grip sight and pointed the gun at the victim, allegedly telling him to "get the (expletive) out of here or I will kill you," the affidavit stated.

"(The man) turned around and began walking back towards his car," the affidavit stated. "(The man) believed Wilkes would shoot him and kill him when she pointed the gun at him."

As he was walking back, he allegedly heard a gunshot behind him, but was not hit. 

When Wilkes was arrested, she said she had no memory of the incident, but admitted to firing a gun during the first alleged incident. She said she was aiming at a tree and not at the men. She admitted that she had gotten in an argument with Williamson's friend, but denied pointing the gun or firing it at him. 

Missoula Deputy County Attorney Selena Koepke asked Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech to impose a $30,000 bond on Wilkes during her initial appearance in Justice Court on Friday. 

"The state is asking for $30,000, as we believe the defendant is a danger to the community," Koepke said, noting the investigation is ongoing and there may be additional charges filed in the case. 

Wilkes' husband also appeared in court on his wife's behalf. 

"My name is David Wilkes and I am her husband," he told Orzech. "I have known her for nine years, and that doesn't sound like something that she would do."

"I know she needs help," he added.

Orzech said she couldn't release the woman on her own recognizance, but allowed her to be screened for pre-trial release before setting a $30,000 bail. She ordered Wilkes to have no contact with the victims, should she be released, and ordered her to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

The judge also told Wilkes' husband to lock up her guns, noting that emptying a couple of chambers at other people is a serious offense. 

"If you weren't drinking or drugging, then I would probably need to up your bail," she said. 

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