Surveillance video
Missoula Police Department

A man was arrested Wednesday after the Missoula Police Department posted several surveillance photos on Facebook of someone carrying two mountain bikes from outside the Lewis and Clark University Village and handing them off to a companion.

Missoula Police Detective Shelagh More said the surveillance video showed a man in a plaid shirt walking up to the apartment complex with a bolt cutter and then handing two mountain bikes to a friend, who put the bikes into a Chevrolet Suburban and drove away.

Jason Davis, 27, is being held in the Missoula County jail on a felony theft charge. An employee in a secondhand store called police and said he suspected someone was trying to sell stolen merchandise, More said. The detective said she recognized the man from the Facebook photos. The case may involve several thefts, including three bike thefts, she said.

More said the case has been turned over to the county attorney’s office. She added that there have been 170 reported bike thefts since Jan. 1 and said the best way to prevent bike theft is to keep bikes indoors.

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