MIKE DENNISON: Obamacare debacle could sink law, presidency

2013-11-18T06:15:00Z 2013-12-08T20:25:15Z MIKE DENNISON: Obamacare debacle could sink law, presidency missoulian.com

HELENA – Seven weeks into the roll-out of the “Obamacare” marketplace and other key elements of the president’s signature health care law, I think we can all agree: It’s one colossal screw-up by the Obama administration, and could end up sinking the whole law and his presidency.

Team Obama is struggling mightily to right this ship, but once large parts of the public start doubting your credibility and competence, it’s hard to recover. Just ask George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter about that one.

Can Obamacare be patched up and made to work as its supporters imagine? I wouldn’t even venture a guess at this point. But before we address that question further, let’s consider a couple of things about the law, its intent and its politics.


For starters, the botched online marketplace and individual and small-group policy cancellations in the news affect a relatively small sector of the population and health insurance market.

In Montana, only 55,000 people are covered on the individual market. State insurance regulators estimate about half of them – 26,000 – received or will receive notices saying their current policy is being discontinued, and that they must buy new policies that comply with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The president is saying those policies now can be extended, although we’re not sure yet that will happen in Montana.

If it doesn’t, some people will end up paying more for a new policy. However, some also should be able to shop the online marketplace – if it ever works – and find a new affordable policy and, perhaps, one that is discounted by a subsidy.

People without health insurance, such as those who couldn’t afford it or who had pre-existing health conditions that got them rejected by insurers, also now are supposed to be able to shop for policies on the online marketplace. In Montana, this group could be as many as 100,000 people.

Some who are insured by small-group policies also may be affected by Obamacare in some way, such as having their employer drop coverage, pushing them onto the marketplace.

So, at most, 15 percent to 20 percent of Montana’s population could be directly affected by the fumbled roll-out and accompanying regulations. That’s no small amount of people, but it still leaves at least 80 percent largely unaffected and insured, covered by the likes of large-group policies, Medicare and Medicaid.

The president also said last week the screw-up is “on me.” Yes, it is. But Republicans should share the blame, too.

It’s true that Republicans didn’t vote for Obamacare, opposed it from the beginning and said it wouldn’t work.

It’s also true that since the law was passed by Democratic majorities in Congress, most Republicans and their allies have tried relentlessly to undermine, sabotage and undo the law, and, in many cases, spread misinformation about it.

Take the online marketplace in Montana, for example. Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen, a Democrat, asked the 2011 Legislature to authorize the state to design and run the marketplace. She had the support of major health insurers and agencies, many in the business and medical community and consumer advocates. The Republican majority in the Montana Legislature said no.

That left the federal government to build and operate Montana’s online marketplace. It’s been a disaster so far.

States that did design and run their own marketplace haven’t been a paragon of efficiency, but many are doing better than states that defaulted to the federal website. Montana could have been one of the former, giving its citizens a better chance to shop for private and possibly discounted insurance.

Republicans also have pretty much refused to help fix problems with the ACA, instead saying the only answer is to repeal it.


Amid all the political noise over the ACA, it’s worth repeating the goal of the law: To expand health coverage to the 50 million Americans without it, and improve private and public health insurance, and medical care in general, while it accomplishes that goal.

I doubt many among us think these goals are unworthy. The question becomes, can the ACA accomplish those goals, and at what cost – and does it deserve a chance to succeed?

That’s where the president and his supporters have to sell the public on this thing – and I’ve always thought it was a pretty tough sell.

Yes, the ACA helps the poor and the unhealthy get insurance coverage (although even that’s somewhat in question, with the messy roll-out of the marketplace and the lack of Medicaid expansion in many states) and has some protections for insurance consumers.

But, for most of us, we’re still paying dearly for medical care and health coverage, still dealing with a maddeningly complex and expensive system, and paying, indirectly or not, for the costs of Obamacare.

If the president and ACA supporters can’t convince us – or, more importantly, show us – that the law is somehow benefiting a majority of Americans, then public support will continue to flag. Without public support, the ACA is doomed, and could take years to unravel.

Obama and friends had better hope they get things fixed, and change the narrative. It won’t be easy.

Missoulian State Bureau reporter Mike Dennison can be reached at 1-800-525-4920 or by email at mike.dennison@lee.net.

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  1. Leadfoot
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    Leadfoot - November 19, 2013 9:08 pm
    I don't know where to start. I guess I'll start after walter12. Most of the others DON'T HAVE A CLUE AND KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHICH THEY SPEAK, except the usual Liberal dribble. Blame the Republicans for Obamacare failure because we didn't support it from the beginning? You've got to be kidding. A sane person cannot support something that had KNOWN critical deficits from the beginning. More were added by Obama & Sebelius AFTER critical Capitol votes. Obamacare cannot work. Cannot. It is designed to fail. It can't be funded even if all healthy 20-30 year/olds joined. Those that speak here in favor all have exempted Employer Insurance, I can assure you. Their desire is to now show everyone else that things will magically work out if we only stop complaining. The flaws of Obamacare were know and discussed in the privacy of the Oval Office. 3 years ago. We Americans were lied to without hesitation, because the Lame Stream Media ignored the obvious. Who would then hold this nut-case Whitehouse (thank you walter12) responsible? Dennison does not tell all or even a little. Only 50,000 people affected in Montana by cancellation of insurance policies? Dennison received his data from the Democrats. A gross underestimation. But what about who these 50,000+ are? They are the ones who pay 90% of the taxes in Montana. They are the ones who are self employed and not on the City, County, or State coffers. Now let's stick this "50,000" with another bill: Obamacare. Now when the Liberals have foiled Obamacare & blamed it on the Republicans, they then can go to mecca: a single-payer system for health care. Inferior in every way to what we have now. Ask Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Sweden, even New Zealand soon. Even you effete corps of impudent snobs will be cared for by inadequately trained physician replacement nurses and "physicians assistants" because even Obama can't create a doctor in less than 8-12 years. You'll get your just rewards. So, above Liberals, please stop the dribble about which your total sum of knowledge can be held within a thimble. When Obama falls out of favor by even the Press, Democrats lose their pants in 2014 AND in 2016 (D.C. Democrats who voted for Obamacare are already bailing out to save their re-election chances in 2014 & are now voting against it), Republicans will achieve a level of success that they could never have achieved without the help of you Libs. These are facts. Not Unsubstantiated Democrat Talking Points. Thank you.
  2. Run - A- Mook
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    Run - A- Mook - November 18, 2013 11:22 pm
    Hey Ed did someone get your goat or should I say donkey.
    You have gone over the line. It's o.k. to talk about someone's
    political believes, their posts and sometimes a misspelled
    word, only if you have never misspelled a word.

    ''cost we ALL incur due to those of you who are overweight or obese.
    And that is MOST of you reading this." This is a lot of assuming on
    your part. If we saw you, would we be impressed or would we
    throw a blanket over you.

    " I don't like being in a risk pool with you fatties who can't stop shoving
    food down your throat," I have never seen anyone use a shovel to
    feed themselves. Could you show us how it's done.

    The following is fair game.

    "whine about gender-related coverage and ignore that elephant in the
    room that's YOU!" I would like to see the elephant, but there is this
    donkey {As..} YOU standing in the way. Tu quo-que
  3. Atheist Educator
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    Atheist Educator - November 18, 2013 6:41 pm
    idiot state refers to "maternity care for 50 year old guys"

    I care less about that and more about the costs we ALL incur due to those of you who are overweight or obese. And that is MOST of you reading this. I don't like being in a risk pool with you fatties who can't stop shoving food down your throat and end up over-utilizing the health care system with your diabetes treatment and hospitalizations for heart attacks and strokes.

    Go check out this article in Forbes: Obesity Now Costs Americans More In HealthCare Spending Than Smoking

    What's really sad is that it's preventable, but, no, we are going to spend 42% more (source) on your healthcare costs than those of us who choose to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    So, go ahead and whine about gender-related coverage and ignore that elephant in the room that's YOU!

  4. Atheist Educator
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    Atheist Educator - November 18, 2013 6:25 pm
    jus, are you on Medicare? If not, will you be using it someday? Either way, what's the difference between it and the ACA?

  5. idiot state
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    idiot state - November 18, 2013 5:34 pm
    Mslas is correct. Once we get past all the website "glitches" and this law begins to unfold, we'll begin to see the ramifications. It's true: hospitals will get paid bonuses to not re-admit patients...to reduce re-admissions. All in a big government, one size fits all, attempt at efficiency. So, if your elderly parent goes into the hospital and is thereafter released, good luck, should your parent have a relapse (or, more likely, the initial care failed to cure the problem) getting your parent back into the hospital! It won't be in the hospital's best interest to let your parent back in-they get paid extra to keep your parent out! But hey. Aren't you just thrilled that Obamacare offers all kinds of fabulous stuff like...maternity care for 50 year old guys, etc etc..
  6. bearpaws
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    bearpaws - November 18, 2013 4:48 pm
    In light of the Republicans turning away millions in Medicaid funds, there are many who will not be forced to take advantage of the emergency room. For instance, there are those college students who are forced to have insurance before registering for classes. Many will have to pay up to $2400 dollars a semester, if they pay the U-system plan, which was jacked up by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I can imagine many students will effectively be priced right out of enrollment. So compare affordable health care with affordable education. Republicans don't give a flying rip about either.
  7. jus wundrin
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    jus wundrin - November 18, 2013 4:01 pm
    "I have never seen a law or government program subjected to this kind of scrutiny,,,,,,"

    ummmm, because it will give da gubment fascist control over a huge chunk of the American economy?

    There are $17 trillion + reasons why EVERY gubment program should be subjected all kinds of scrutiny.
  8. jus wundrin
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    jus wundrin - November 18, 2013 3:55 pm
    If, if, if.......even lindeen stopped using that rhetoric. Im sure you got that bit of info from a very respectable source, like the daily kos?
  9. jus wundrin
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    jus wundrin - November 18, 2013 3:52 pm
    The predatory corporate criminals are still in charge, so whats your point?

    Monopoly-busting? When da gubment subsidizes something to make it "affordable", its called socialism. When da gubment dictates the control over corporate economies, its called fascism. I dont see how any of this will create competition. If anything, it will drive these business under, and then we'll see a single payer system as was planned all along.

    Monopoly-busting? I wish that would happen to the gubment schools. Vouchers in the form of property tax rebates would be a good start.
  10. Lynne McKay
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    Lynne McKay - November 18, 2013 2:43 pm
    why not impeach Obama and start over, but please not with good ole' Joe Biden, hey where has he been anyway?
  11. Lynne McKay
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    Lynne McKay - November 18, 2013 2:35 pm
    Health Insurance is not going to get those people out from under the bridge. Some can get jobs, and there are job our there, but some are not capable of holding a job. So, what should we do, they will always be there,and have always been there.
  12. Lynne McKay
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    Lynne McKay - November 18, 2013 2:22 pm
    I happy that you have insurance, but I really don't want to pay for it, and that is what will happen.
  13. Lynne McKay
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    Lynne McKay - November 18, 2013 2:16 pm
    It sounds to me that you have done your homework. If everyone else would look at his upbringing and learn of who his mentors were!
  14. Run - A- Mook
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    Run - A- Mook - November 18, 2013 2:03 pm
    mob of crows no, no that's

    murder of crows

    to the trolls out there, don't like it? look it up.
  15. Readneck
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    Readneck - November 18, 2013 2:00 pm
    The Missoulian has never published an article telling people how to apply for the ACA. People don't seem to know that they can call a navigator and easily get past the sabotaged web page.
    All I have seen are slanted articles working against this law. A responsible journalist informs people. a political hack sows doubt by selectively publishing information. You might have more subscribers if you informed your readers.
  16. TrueAmerican
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    TrueAmerican - November 18, 2013 12:53 pm
    Well said, bearpaws.
  17. TrueAmerican
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    TrueAmerican - November 18, 2013 12:52 pm
    Funny how no conservatives seem to remember that the ACA started out as Romneycare. The reasoning behind the ACA is that it will increase competition between insurance companies in order to make private insurance more affordable and to allow people with pre-existing conditions to have access to health insurance. That is not socialism, it's monopoly-busting. The right is just trying to use the President as a scapegoat to cover for the predatory corporate criminals that are in charge of private health insurance in the U.S. Good thing that at least half of the U.S. population is not a bunch of easily led dummies (ie; Tea Partiers).
  18. NewMontanaMan
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    NewMontanaMan - November 18, 2013 12:39 pm
    This if funnier than an Bob Hope - Bing Crosby movie of the 40's:

    "it’s worth repeating the goal of the law: To expand health coverage to the 50 million Americans without it, and improve private and public health insurance, and medical care in general, while it accomplishes that goal."

    Are you kidding me? You really think that Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Mason Reid had this in mind with the ridiculously named Affordable Care Act? If you do you are smoking the same drugs that Obama was famous for in school.

    The goals of this law were power and control over people as well has simply taking from hard working taxpayers and giving it to "generational welfare recipients. But Power was he main reason. Communist must control healthcare to control people right before they take away guns, which is also a must under Communism. Welcome to the world of Obama - it will get worse as he is so close to achieving "the dream of his father:" that is to punish us for our supposed colonialism of the past.
  19. PapaBear
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    PapaBear - November 18, 2013 10:37 am
    Dennison and Alinsky acolytes on the post miss the point. Obamacare is working precisely as planned. When it runs the entire train off the tracks, the left will step in to save us all with single payer (socialized medicine). This is the plan and goal. Obama and Soros are making great progress to "fundamentally transform America" into socialist big brother slave nation.
    A lot of "useful idiots" (Lenin's term) helping out along the way.
  20. Steve in Polson
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    Steve in Polson - November 18, 2013 10:01 am
    Mr. Dennison makes a classic logical mistake in thinking that Obamacare will actually accomplish anything close to what was promised in his desire to make the law work. As it is so far, in order to cover the 40 Million who are uninsured we are kicking 15 Million off of their policies. Sure, the administration is saying that those are "substandard policies" but why is it up to them to determine what is substandard. Is it because they don't provide free sex change operations, or maternity care for women over 50, or breast exams for men? The whole "If you like your plan you can keep it, and if you like your doctor you can keep that too" has been revealed as a lie. Not on the order of Bush lied about Iraq WMDs, but even worse, Obama knew it was going to kick people off of their policies and he told them just the opposite. Hard to be a follower of an admitted liar, but they are still out there.
    The real problems haven't even begun to come into play yet, saved only by the gross incompetence of the web site. The law is predicated on the idea that the young and healthy will be paying more than their fair share to subsidize the old and uninsurable But it gave the young and healthy an out by refusing to enroll and paying a fine instead. A fine that can't be enforced except through attaching the withholding from tax returns. Rational self interest is going to lead a lot of people to opt out and minimize their returns which will create a pool of very expensive policy holders, which will cause the rates to be jacked up, which will encourage more people to opt out. The so called "death spiral" of insurance.
    Higher payments and higher deductibles were never what was promised, but it is the end result, whether intended or not. The end result may be that we cover the 40M who are unisured by creating 80M uninsured, and at a higher cost with less choices than before.
    As a libertarian, I know the government screws things up, and every day I have proof of that assumption. Obamacare was poorly written, poorly thought out and is going to completely destroy the middle class with higher premiums, higher deductibles and preventing you from keeping your doctor. I don't see much here worth keeping. Sure "kids" can now stay on their insurance until they turn 26, but that still carries a cost that can't be ignored. Other than that, what is the real advantage of this law that couldn't have been met with a government program that would have offered insurance to those who were uninsurable without making everyone sign up for this monstrosity?
    There is no point in trying to keep this failure. We need to scrap it and start over. A bipartisan plan that involves everyone would be preferable to a Democrat only one. Make everyone involved and listen to them. Then they will have a stake in the outcome. As it is now, this turkey is the Democrat's own and they deserve the hell that is going to be raised when this thing is fully implemented and so many people lose their insurance.
  21. D
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    D - November 18, 2013 9:31 am
    Is this an op-ed article or what? Gad, the Missoulian needs some real reporters who know the difference.
  22. big sage
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    big sage - November 18, 2013 9:21 am
    I thought I was reading a story in the Kaimen...what a piece of hack journalism! The FACT is, if the state had approved expanded Medicaid we would have 70,000 more insured Montanans right now. And those of us who have enrolled in the Affordable Care Act have quality, affordable, insurance for the first time in a long while. It is in the best interest of all Montanans that the uninsured have insurance.
  23. fomerliberal
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    fomerliberal - November 18, 2013 9:11 am
    Let's remember who passed this bad bill and HOW they passed it. Obama said he was going to work with both parties while he was campaigning, but once elected told Pelosi, Baucus and Reid to form this bill behind closed doors with NO input from a single repulican. It was written by a bunch of half wits, no amendments considered from republicans, then it was passed in the 11th hour before Christmas break, after Pelosi bribed the last 3 congressmen she needed to vote for it. And Reid viollated Senate laws to pass it in the Senate. Not ONE Congressmen even READ the bill. And you wonder why we were handed a C--p Sandwich???

    Remember Pelosi saying "we need to pass the bill so you can see what is in it"??? If you think the outrage is bad now, what til a year from now (convienently after the 2014 election - huuumm) when the larger businesses have to comply. They will be dropping coverage on their employees or putting them on part time to avoid paying the HIGH ins. rates. Thank You Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Baucus and all you other idiots that gave up this disaster!!!- Go pound sand!!!

  24. jacksommersby88
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    jacksommersby88 - November 18, 2013 8:47 am
    Good points. How about those Republican hypocrites berating the ACA yet who took advantage of one of the law's early provisions like keeping their children on their insurance until the age of 26? They didn't *have* to do this; they *chose* to do this.
  25. jacksommersby88
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    jacksommersby88 - November 18, 2013 8:27 am
    First, before the ACA 45% of those with individual policies were unsatisfied with those policies. Second, the majority of those who said they were pleased with their policies were generally healthy and thus hadn't yet experienced a major illness that would've revealed the limitations and restrictions of their policies. Third, the White House did not cancel these policies; the greedy insurance companies did because they chose not to better their policies so they met ACA minimum standards. Four, why all this Republican outrage over Americans seeing their policies cancelled when insurance companies have been steadily cancelling thousands of policies every day for the last three decades?

    Yes, the administration should be blamed for the failed implementation of the ACA. Then again, I didn't see any Republicans voicing outrage over the equally-failed implementation of W.'s unpaid-for $1.2 trillion Medicare D., just like Republicans didn't voice outrage over this same administration lying this country into the unnecessary, unprovoked Iraq War that resulted in more American deaths than 9/11 (which happened under their woeful watch).
  26. jacksommersby88
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    jacksommersby88 - November 18, 2013 8:18 am
    Hey, that's not fair -- the Republicans *do* have a health-care plan. It's called "either go to the ER or crawl under a bridge and die."
  27. buffalojack
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    buffalojack - November 18, 2013 8:15 am
    Headlines like "Obamacare debacle could sink law, Presidency" are not going to help "change the narrative". Mr. Dennison's article rightly calls attention to the need for healthcare reform that prompted the ACA and to the obstacles the law has faced; it also puts in context the various difficulties involved in the law's rollout. Why not go with a headline like "Despite troubled rollout, Obamacare still worthwhile"? Many Obamacare provisions have already been in place and have worked without any glitches--why not remind people of that? I have never seen a law or government program subjected to this kind of scrutiny, nor have I ever seen so many people wanting a law or government program to fail. Like it or not, the media helps shape the narrative; Mr. Dennison's article was fair, but the headline was just part of the piling on that's been taking place.
  28. idiot state
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    idiot state - November 18, 2013 8:02 am
    The possibility certainly is there. With each attempted "fix" of the mess, another part gets thrown into disarray (Obama's decision to allow insurance companies to continue to offer non government approved health plans) and this whole thing, in reality, isn't even fully implemented. It'll implode under its own massive bureaucratic weight, but not without first doing serious damage to our economy. The only good thing is that it's going to be a lot easier for Republicans to be elected in 2014.
  29. Jefferson
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    Jefferson - November 18, 2013 7:56 am
    The attitude of our Federal Government can often be interesting. On the one hand, "government" is/was counting on the states to implement provisions of ACA in order to "make it work." When the states don't then it is the states fault that it didn't work. On the other hand, the Federal Government will actually file suit and sue the states that attempt to implement and enforce federal law in regards to minor issues such as immigration law.

    I agree 100% that we are in desperate need of health care reform. In my opinion, ACA was too big and too complex to implement - an argument made by Republicans since the battle began. However, once it passed AND was upheld by the Supreme Court (rightly or wrongly) the best thing the Republicans could have done was get out of the way and let the train wreck happen. Until they do, Democrats will continue to claim that the Republicans caused the train wreck. Even leading up to the recent government shutdown and election, ACA proponents were still claiming "all is well, just a little slow out of the gate." Now Democrats are just kicking the can down the road - past the 2014 election - and only reluctantly beginning to admit that many of the dire scenarios put forth by ACA opponents are actually becoming a reality.
  30. Mslas4kids
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    Mslas4kids - November 18, 2013 7:06 am
    You discounted the 80% of the population that will "be largely unaffected by the law", and then went on to bash Republicans about spreading misinformation. Was that ignorance or deception?

    The 80%, those with employer-based insurance, are already seeing skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs, and "behavior modification" treatments from the health care industry. They also are largely the folks that must pay for the travesty, through taxes that likely will soon extend to those very benefits that are "unaffected" in your opinion. And, do you think you'll be able to see a doctor? Or stay in a hospital? With the uncertainty this law and it's supporters have created, hospitals and health systems are busily working to reduce expenses by rationing care through reductions in hospital admissions, ER coverage, mandating generic medications, etc.

    We are affected when the government takes away hard earned money and benefits, and gives it to others for political gain and power. Reject the narrative! Government is not the solution! Create jobs and lift people up to be self-sufficient, rather than creating a health-system dependent on political cycles and media spin (such as your column).
  31. walter12
    Report Abuse
    walter12 - November 18, 2013 7:06 am
    It is very difficult for a few of us in Missoula to speak of this individual called Obama in civil and polite terms. His massive lies and his fraud are finally catching up to him. He is totally responsible for ObamaCare and what a disaster and mess it is, no one else. Creatures like Reid and Pelosi abetted him and the media assisted him, but it he who is not only wrong, but is actually evil.
  32. montanamuralist
    Report Abuse
    montanamuralist - November 18, 2013 6:51 am
    I find it interesting that Republicans and conservatives including the nutty Tea Party wing, are now so concerned about the law not working when, as I have said many times here, they have nothing to propose to help those who need insurance...oh sorry, vouchers? Vouchers? Are you serious? Put Social Security in the private market and give vouchers for health insurance? The American people overall said NO to that last election and no, your gerrymandered Housde majority only counts if your in to cheating the voters...like your suppressing the vote of those without the same skin color as you in many states like North Carolina, Florida and the list goes on and on. No, the Affordable Health Care Act will be out of the news in the next few months as it begins to work and adjustments are made. I remember when we went through this with Medicare years ago ( something else conservatives want to eliminate.) The mistake the President made was in trusting a bunch of Republican insurance executives to offer the same junk policies that do NOTHING if a person gets sick...I had one. Very affordable until you get sick. That is what is getting cancelled. Junk policies and rightfully so. So give it a few months and the Republicans will once again be trying to find some other issue for their Koch Brother and Heritage Foundation DeMint masters to try and sway public opinion. Oh, lets not even get in to the Montana Republican Legislature turning away millions in Medicaid funds for thousands of uninsured Montanans who you conservatives are now paying for because thye have no choice but going to the emergency room ( Romney solution) . As soon as you conservatives have a viable solution come talk to us. That would be better than always being against something. Which means you are for people not having insurance and driving the cost of health care up cause that is the way the free market works...you do love the free market right wingnuts. You people are awful.
  33. mountaincycle
    Report Abuse
    mountaincycle - November 18, 2013 6:49 am
    how about somebody coming up with a better plan? oh yeah, that's been attempted since the mid 90s. did anyone really have high hopes and expectations that the insurance and health care 'crisis' would be resolved? the lazy American people again waited for a government fix and now everyone wants to complain. whether it sticks or its repealed at least an administration have it a try. the last couple talked about it but did nothing over 16 years. at least it only took Obama 4.5 years.
  34. Macgruder
    Report Abuse
    Macgruder - November 18, 2013 6:20 am
    Mike, you state that Republicans share blame for this failed Obamacare idea and rollout! Wow, not one Republican voted for it and they continued to oppose it and therefore they share in the blame, sorry but that is nutty!
    Obama and the democrats lied about this plan, they violated the US Senate rules to pass it , only Democrats voted for it and now it is a debacle and yet you think Republicans are to blame??
  35. bearpaws
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    bearpaws - November 18, 2013 4:11 am
    "Colossal screw up?" There's usually displacement in thinking errors. Here, Dennison thinks it will "sink" the presidency. Nice try, typical of media sensationalism and opportunism. Administrative defects, for sure. But the share of the blame should be spread equally. In particular, the American people, who knew some time ago that the health care system was broken, folded to the political opportunists and the histrionic press. Instead of engaging in collective constuction of the law, and cooperative implementation, we chose the mob of crows approach. Self-centeredness rules, and in a classic case of haves vs. have-nots, everybody loses in the course of failing to find solutions. You can't "sink" someone for trying. Unless the whole ship of fools goes down.
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Sullivan gives a statement at his sentencing.

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Jenna Cederberg presents the latest news you need to know about today's …

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Rob Chaney presents the latest news you need to know about today's headl…

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Jenna Cederberg presents the latest news you need to know about today's …

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Kate Haake presents the latest news you need to know about today's headl…

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Martin Kidston presents the latest news you need to know about today's h…

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

The 4:06 – trending topics and hot headlines

Missoulian reporter Martin Kidston presents the latest news you need to know about today's h…

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