All the victories were decisive.

Two incumbents will keep their seats on the Missoula City Council, and newcomers Bryan Von Lossberg, Jordan Hess, Emily Bentley and Annelise Hedahl will join the body of 12, according to unofficial election results from Tuesday’s municipal election.

Six council seats were up for grabs this year, and the outcomes are as follows, with 98 percent of the ballots counted:

In Ward 1, Von Lossberg won with 1,982 votes, or an estimated 75 percent. His opponent, Patrick Maddison, appeared on the ballot, but Maddison had bowed out of the race and threw his support to Von Lossberg.

In Ward 2, Hess claimed an easy victory with 1,506 votes, or some 81 percent. Write-in candidate Roger Seewald pulled in an estimated 357 votes as of 10 p.m.

In Ward 3, Bentley trounced Paul Bohan, sweeping up 1,858 votes to Bohan’s 458. She toook in 80 percent of the vote.

In Ward 4, incumbent Councilman Jon Wilkins won 96 percent of the vote in an unopposed race.

In Ward 5, Hedahl captured 1,753 votes to David “Doc” Moore’s 1,058. In this ward, Councilman Dick Haines’ term is expiring, and the Republican threw his support to Hedahl, who earned 62 percent of the vote. She also was endorsed by the Missoula County Democrats.

In Ward 6, incumbent Councilwoman Marilyn Marler won 1,533 votes compared with Ernest Szechenyi’s 529. With 74 percent of the votes in her favor, Marler will start her third term in 2014.

All of the winners minus Wilkins were backed by the Missoula County Democrats. The job of city councilor is designed to be part time, and members serve four-year terms.

Marler is council president, and she said people have told her they appreciate how she has advocated for civility among councilors. She doesn’t anticipate the newcomers represent a big change on the council, although the personalities of Hedahl and outgoing Councilman Haines are different.

“I think it’ll be a good group to work with. I really do,” Marler said.

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Rez Kid
Rez Kid

Well, Missoula is right on track to become a mini San Francisco dominated by a liberal mayor and city council. What will it mean?? Higher taxes, more restrictive regulations, fewer property rights, and on and on.

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