Missoula man charged with raping 6-year-old girl

2013-01-31T19:00:00Z 2013-03-12T12:04:22Z Missoula man charged with raping 6-year-old girlBy Gwen Florio of the Missoulian missoulian.com

A 57-year-old Lolo man who allegedly claimed that a 6-year-old girl came on to him appeared Thursday in Missoula County Justice Court on charges that he forced sex on the child twice.

Justice of the Peace John Odlin set bail at $200,000 for Danny Wayne Johnston.

Johnston was charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred in September, according to charging documents filed by Deputy Missoula County Attorney Shawn Thomas.

The girl’s mother reported to Missoula County sheriff’s deputies that the child had acted strange after spending the night away from home, according to Thomas’ affidavit. The girl initially didn’t want to talk about what had happened because, she told her mother, she was afraid her mother would be mad at her and Johnston would get in trouble, the affidavit stated.

Eventually, she told both her mother and interviewers at the First Step program for victims of sexual assault that Johnston had put his tongue in her mouth and made her perform oral sex on him twice, it said.

When interviewed by a sheriff’s detective, Johnston said the girl had French-kissed him and grabbed his crotch, the affidavit said.

“Johnston claimed he had exercised bad judgment for continuing to be alone with (the girl) as her sexually aggressive behavior continued and for neglecting to tell anyone about (her) behavior until he was confronted with her allegations,” it said.

County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg said in court Thursday that authorities found several firearms in Johnston’s home, a violation of his conditions in an earlier case involving driving under the influence.

“He made statements he was not going to be taken easily in this particular case, which led law enforcement to believe he was intent on some kind of shootout or something of that nature,” Van Valkenburg said.

Sexual intercourse without consent is punishable by between two years and 100 years or life in prison, and a $50,000 fine.

Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio can be reached at 523-5268, gwen.florio@missoulian.com, or @CopsAndCourts.

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  1. Longhorn Fan
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    Longhorn Fan - February 06, 2013 3:01 am
    Remain Silent, you should talk to someone who could explain the difference between what the reporter says and what the COURT says. First, the perp said that the child initiated it-- Gwen didn't say that she had. Second, the COURT charged him with forcing sex on the child-- Gwen didn't say that he had. Third, he was CHARGED with two countds of sexual intercourse without concent-- Gwen didn't say that he did it. She called it as the COURT said it.
  2. WishingWell
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    WishingWell - February 06, 2013 12:33 am
    How can we protect our children? We personally educated our two young daughters age 6 and 7 about sex, sexual predators and what to watch for. It's really sad that we had to tell them so young for their protection. Both girls also attend martial arts 3x a week and have learned confidence and self-defense. We also have become the hang-out house for play dates, instead of them being in the homes of others. I was molested as a young person and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure my kids are kept safe. Lastly and most importantly, I have open talks with my girls often about any questions they have about their bodies and/or anything they want to talk about. I ALWAYS believe what they tell me and they feel comfortable talking to me about difficult things in their life. I'm really hoping to lay the groundwork for the future. My heart bleeds for that little girl and I'm enraged for her and her family.
  3. water dog
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    water dog - February 05, 2013 2:56 pm
    Did I miss something ? why...WHY was this girl even at this ..losers home .

    Bad judgement ?? . How about He could have left ..called child services IF HIS STORY IS EVEN 1 / 1000 th true ..Which I doubt ..

  4. Remain Silent No More
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    Remain Silent No More - February 03, 2013 8:38 am
    Gwen Florio, please talk to a child psychologist before writing another article on child molestation. This is rape. A child does not "consent" to abuse. Sexual intercourse with a child is ALWAYS rape. There is no such thing as "forced sex" on a 6 year old. It is child molestation! To word this article as if this child "consented" is criminal. Do not give this disgusting pedophile any credence. These little victims need support, compassion and empathy. This guy doesn't deserve to see the light of day.
  5. gunwrites
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    gunwrites - February 01, 2013 1:43 pm
    There really are a couple of simple solutions here to prevent a repeat offender...

    Danny Wayne Johnston needs to have his Johnson and other man parts cut off and brand him with a “P” for predator on his cheek.
    Just execute this scumbag by hanging or firing squad. No needle and a comfy cot to “go to sleep” on.

    Both of these should remove a future burden on us taxpayers to not provide him with 3 hots and a cot, gym, cable TV, law library, and more for the remainder of his life. The fact he blames the little girl is so perverse it should be the latter option.
  6. Curmudgeon
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    Curmudgeon - February 01, 2013 1:22 pm
    WALTER12 said, "...a nation of wimps, cowards, half-men, weaklings..."and on and on and on.

    Speak for yourself, not for all of us, WALTER12 --- you are condemning a whole nation of 300 million people? What next, Walter, are you going to agree with the Middle Eastern fundamentalists that America is the "Great Satan"?

    I'm sorry you hate my beloved country so much, Walt-Baby, but your furious, rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth rant in no way characterizes the America (warts and all) that I know and love.

    But it's curious --- if you are so miserably unhappy, why are you still here?
  7. walter12
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    walter12 - February 01, 2013 7:10 am
    Once, some time ago, when this was a great nation, good men, men of courage, of guts, of a strong belief system, honest and true men, would have taken this monster out after his trial and happily hung him. Now, other than the hardened criminal element residing in our big cities, we have a nation of wimps, cowards, half-men, weaklings, leftists, communists, Marxists, traitors to the Constitution, and on and on. What about the rights of the child?
  8. Hi ya
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    Hi ya - January 31, 2013 9:51 pm
    That man is seriously mentally ill and needs to be locked away so he can't harm any more children.
  9. WP59801
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    WP59801 - January 31, 2013 8:29 pm
    Name, age, and crime all match:

  10. Enlightened
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    Enlightened - January 31, 2013 3:56 pm
    These stories turn my stomach. Always the same mentality: the child somehow is to blame for "initiating", not fighting hard enough, whatever....Disgusting. Read my friend's story. Learn about this. The little girl assaulted in this story was denied the right to see children she adored, called a liar. Her mother was demonized for being fooled by him (even though his whole family was too). They were both shunned by many even though the child molested admitted his guilt. Now, some who always used to think child molesters belong in prison for life are telling the victim he should be free. Stop blaming victims! These pathetic predators are the ones at fault.
  11. montanamuralist
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    montanamuralist - January 31, 2013 3:20 pm
    Never ceases to amaze me how these complete wastes of space and skin come up with rationalizations that make no sense to anyone...but them. A 4 year old does not have the ability to be sexually aggressive you dimwit. Put him away for years and years and years......
  12. Curmudgeon
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    Curmudgeon - January 31, 2013 1:32 pm
    So some little rapacious 6-yr-old girl was the sexual predator against this poor innocent 57-yr-old guy.

    Uh-huh. You betcha. Tell us another.
  13. BreA
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    BreA - January 31, 2013 12:36 pm
    Obviously not all sex offenders should necessarily have same label as guys such as Johnston, but I doubt the majority of the guys in prison fit into that group. I would have to say the majority are scumbags preying on children and unwilling women. And yes, a 15 yr. old may have a hard time understanding that her 18 yr. old boyfriend is an offender, and maybe he really shouldn't have that label, but I sure as hell wouldn't want my 15 yr. old being sexually active. 15 yr. olds don't think about pregnancy or std's, or any of the consequences that may come from having sex-I know I didn't think or protect myself from any of that because "nothing would happen to me". By 18 yrs. old, you're grown up a little more and should have a somewhat better understanding of what could potentially happen. And I know kids are becoming more sexually active at a younger age, but I don't want to be dealing with a grandchild or disease once my kids are teenagers. The whole point here is that they're TOO YOUNG to be having sex, consensual or not. And as far as this story goes, I highly doubt any 5 yr. old is "sexually agressive". Johnston is just sick in the head, and needs to be put away where he can't come near any child or woman.
  14. anonymous201288
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    anonymous201288 - January 31, 2013 11:59 am
    Thankful this person was caught before the child was also physically harmed. Parent's need to be on guard all ALL times. The world is being bombarded on T V , Adult [?] Book Stores, Internet, Magazines, Street corners, of this FILTH that is Invading our society. It is not a Disease just for the illiterate, or poor, look at all our Leaders , Politicians, Lawyer's, who are caught up in this " Addictive Evil ". And with it comes the carnage to our youth .
  15. JacksonB
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    JacksonB - January 31, 2013 11:42 am
    I am willing to let the justice system takes it's course, but I have to say, making the suggestion that a 6 year old was acting "sexually aggressive" does not set well with me and I am sure that it won't set well with a jury and a judge.
  16. anonymous201288
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    anonymous201288 - January 31, 2013 11:38 am
    When the "red flag" came up why didn't this guy "flee" ? People see the word "sex offender" and immediately place them ALL as a hideous act against a child or female . They ALL have the Same Label . The prisons are full of Young men who have had Consensual sex with a girlfriend and their lives have been ruined . The percent of Violent and Preying sex offenders is small compared to the majority . But the public has NO way of knowing who is the "predator" is because of the way they are ALL defined by law the same. So the hatred is directed at all of them. Try telling an active 15 year old that her boyfriend in jail at 18 is an offender.
  17. RPT
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    RPT - January 31, 2013 11:26 am
    Amazing !!!...Sounds like this Johnson is trying to claim that this child raped him... Good luck with that story fool.
  18. Ejace
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    Ejace - January 31, 2013 10:21 am
    You're sick Johnston. Seriously. Bad judgement? You need to go away for a long time. My daughter was molested at four. The guy is rotting in prison where you need to be right now. Montana doesn't look to kindly on child rapists. Good luck.
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