With each passing day, details are falling into place for Missoula County Public Schools’ effort to make the district a safer place for children and their teachers.

When, in the wake of last Friday’s horrific school shootings in Connecticut, MCPS Superintendent Alex Apostle announced he was creating a safety and security task force, the response from the greater Missoula community was immediate.

“This week,” Apostle said, “I have had several positive conversations with community members and organizations that want to support us in this effort.

“As a result, I am happy and appreciative that upon my requests, Jeff Fee, chief executive officer of St. Patrick Hospital, and Mark Muir, Missoula police chief, have agreed to co-chair this work. Rather than calling it a task force, we feel a more appropriate title for this group would be the Missoula County Public Schools Mental Health, Safety and Security Advisory Committee.”

Many parents and individuals have stepped forward and offered to serve on the committee, Apostle said.

After the holidays, the committee co-chairs and Apostle will determine the overall composition of the committee.

The membership will surely include representation from the community at large, parents, teachers, students, the school board and the administration, Apostle said.

“MCPS will not hesitate to do what is necessary to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff,” he said. “We are determined to be well prepared for any emergency situation that may arise in the future.”

Reporter Betsy Cohen can be reached at 523-5253 or at bcohen@missoulian.com.

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I agree. I see it everyday in our schools.

A leftist or rightist issue? Not at all. The previous poster is just trying to stir the pot. You're an idiot.


There has been a sea change in Missoula and the nation in the last fifty years or so. That sea change is that nowadays Missoula and the nation is crawling with fatherless kids with mental problems. The teenagers never see a real man and never see a good relationship and have all kinds of emotional problems. Fatherless kids is one of the biggest problems this country faces today. Where are the leftists on this issue?

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