Tom Turkey, the black Labrador cross who uses special carts to get around and still lives at the Humane Society of Western Montana, is a finalist for the 2016 HandicappedPets calendar. Tom was born with a neurological disorder that affects his legs.

A Missoula pup who uses a special cart to get around already stole the hearts of local dog lovers.

Now, Tom Turkey is a finalist for the 2016 HandicappedPets calendar.

"Obviously, he has to represent western Montana," said Emily Adamson, of the Humane Society of Western Montana.

Tom, nearly one year old, was born with a neurological disorder, and his legs don't work very well. His two siblings, who have similar challenges, have been adopted, but Tom is still living at the Humane Society.

The calendar competition features dogs from around the country, and the company that offers products for older and disabled dogs will select 13 pets, one for each month of the year plus a cover photo, said Adamson, development director at the Humane Society.

Tom is an easy pick for a couple of different reasons, she said.

For one, the shiny black Labrador cross is the only calendar contender who hasn't found his "forever home," Adamson said.

Secondly, the pooch has a zippy cart in his garage, just the type of Walkin' Wheels the calendar competition is featuring.

Sure, Tom has a sturdy everyday cart, but he also rolls around in a dazzling set of wheels made by HandicappedPets. He's pictured with the latter in his contestant photo.

"It's a smaller version of his cart, and it's blue. It has silver stripes on it, and it's really fast. So that's his sports car," Adamson said.

She and Tom's fans are asking Facebook friends to "like" Tom's photo on the HandicappedPets contest page. Voting ends Thursday, Sept. 10. 

"It kind of speaks to our mission of saving every animal every time," Adamson said. "While he doesn't have a home, we're taking good care of him and making sure he has everything he needs, including a sports car, and the best care in western Montana, and (we're) making sure he's as happy and healthy as he can be."

Tom and his siblings were born around Thanksgiving 2014. Green Bean and Pumpkin Pie have been adopted, and they're living with families in western Montana, carts and all. 

Interest in Tom is high, but the challenges of caring for a handicapped pet are great, so Tom is waiting for the perfect family to come along.

"We know they're out there, but we're still searching," Adamson said.

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