Pearl Jam on Tuesday announced a Sunday, Sept. 30, concert in Missoula at the University of Montana’s Adams Center.

Rarely does Missoula grab the attention of such behemoth rock bands, but Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament is a Montana native.

The last time the Seattle-based band performed for Montanans was in 2005 at the Adams Center as a fundraiser for then-Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jon Tester, who was trying to oust incumbent Republican Sen. Conrad Burns from his longtime seat.

Before that, the band played the Adams Center in 2003 and kicked off its 1998 North American tour with a sold-out show at Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

This time, a little more than a month before Election Day, Pearl Jam is returning to play its only non-festival date in the United States for 2012. It will also be the band’s last scheduled performance of the year.

Opening for Pearl Jam is Mudhoney.

Earlier in the month, Pearl Jam headlines three U.S. festivals: Made in America, DeLuna Fest and Music Midtown.

Tickets for the Missoula show go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, June 22. Tickets can be purchased at the Adams Center Box Office, The Source in the University Center, Worden’s Market, Southgate Mall and the MSO Hub. Tickets will also be available online at or by phone at (406) 243-4051 or 1-888-MONTANA.

Pre-sale tickets for active members of Pearl Jam’s fan club, Ten Club, began Tuesday and runs through Thursday. Information is available at

Ament hails from Big Sandy, the same hometown as Tester. Their families have been longtime friends. Tester’s U.S. Senate re-election campaign is offering premium ticket packages for the concert, which include seats and admission to a pre-show event with Tester and members of the band. Those tickets also went on sale Tuesday at

In addition, the Tester campaign is sponsoring a “Best Seats in the World” sweepstakes. Fans can contribute $10 or any other amount to the Tester campaign to be automatically entered to win an opportunity to watch Pearl Jam’s show from a seat on stage, along with travel, hotel accommodations, meals, VIP passes to the show and admission to pre-show events with Tester and the band members. More information is available on Tester’s website.

In 2011, Pearl Jam celebrated its 20-year anniversary with a destination weekend in Alpine Valley, Wis., and toured Canada, South America, Central America and Mexico. Pearl Jam also released the film “Pearl Jam Twenty,” along with an accompanying book and soundtrack as part of the 20th anniversary celebration.

Reporter Chelsi Moy can be reached at 523-5260 or at

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This concert is too epic to only let 1 out of 50 pearl jam fans not be able to attend simply because they we're sold out. Pearl Jam has taken and chosen missoula to play for apart from their tour. This is an opportunity and we don't even know the next time pearl jam will be around our part of the states.. PLEASE MOVE THIS CONCERT TO A BIGGER VENUE!!!!!!!!


Ament is in the minority in Tester's hometown. Burns received more votes than Tester in Tester's own county. Sad when the people who know you best have the least confidence.

Dustin Gliko

I wish folks would turn off their TV's. It seems this country has gone past the point of no return.

Unless you're of the mind that thinks this country is headed in the right direction...?

P.S. The bacon is rotten. It smells like Pearl Jam's "lemming like" approach to politics. I didn't mind them until I caught wind of them using a national stage to propagate the flawed engineering.


P.S. Missoula really needs a better concert venue. The Adams Center is only second to the baseball stadium for the worst venue I've ever been to, but then again, I've never been to Ryan Creek. The Wilma is cool but not big enough. I was contemplating going until I read "Adams Center"


I'm about ans conservative as they come but is Rehberg really the best thing the repubs could dig up? What an idiot. Why don't he go back up to Whitefish and worry about Jesus statues and leave the rest of us alone? Tester actually answered one of my emails then turned around and did what he said he would for me.. and it was on a very conservative issue where he struck down a lame attempt by a bureaucracy to implement a "tax" but call it a "user fee" I don't like tester and his voting status quo with the liberals in DC but I don't know what to do? I suppose I could vote Rheburg and just hope the more conservative types in DC tell him what to do.. and he obeys


Your experience is different than mine, and a few friends. I emailed Senator Tester about an issue I have on my home mortgage, and received a letter back thanking me for my concern about OBamacare. I told a friend of my experience so he emailed Senator Tester about another issue, and received the same response I received. I emailed Rheberg about the issue, and his staff helped me receive the help I needed to resolve the issue. If you feel the country is better off than when Senator Tester, and President OBama were elected vote accordingly. If your like myself, and have had a large amount of my life savings wiped out vote for change.

Barak Nobama

Can Pearl Jam be easily spread on toast? What about a peanut butter and pearl jam sandwich?


For those of you who are upset that Ted Nugent won't be here performing for Denny Rehberg, at least be happy that this is good for Missoula's economy. Politics aside, I can't wait for the show!


Hey....Vedder is still famous, he was on Portlandia a few months ago!!!

This all sounds one of those Obama "Hollywood" dinners - lol

Seriously.......Beyonce' couldn't save Tester - lol


Right on, PelosiGalore . Pearl Jam? - give me a break.


They haven't had a hit in what, like 20 years? Awfully nice of them to take time out from the County Fair tour circuit to come here. Who's oppening for them? "Right Said Fred?"

Click Here
Click Here

Actually, Pearl Jam reached #4 on the Billboard Rock charts (assuming that is what you mean by "hit") with a little ditty named "The Fixer" in 2009... not that I give a squirt about Pearl Jam... but don't let facts get in the way of your argument, you never do.


Pay attention. First of all I was ASKING when the last time they had a hit. Thanks for your research. I've got like a hundred satellite channels and have never heard of the monster hit "the fixer". I guess pearl jam didn't peak in the 90's like I had assumed.


PelosiGalore: It's pretty clear you're not going to change your mind no matter what facts are presented to you.

By your logic, Beethoven "peaked" in the 1810's and hasn't been relevant since then.

Good music is good music no matter which era it's from.

If they "peaked" in the 90s, they wouldn't consistently sell out shows or keep making new records.

I won't bore you with statistics because you obviously don't pay attention to them. I will say this -- from a musician's perspective Pearl Jam consistently pushes the boundaries of what well executed music is. They've released songs with thought provoking and vivid lyrics coupled with tight musical arrangements that come from uberly talented musicians with a rabid, loyal fanbase. Watch PJ20 for god's sake, you'll understand why they're still relevent.

It's fine if you don't like them, but you're just plain ignorant if you can't at least respect them for that.


How many lobbyists does it take to put in a lightbulb? It depends on who gives Tester the most to do it for them.


You do realize that Rehberg will outspend Tester by a boatload on this campaign, don't you? Who's paying for all of his current ads? Certainly it's not coming from the money he won when he sued the Billings Fire Dept..


Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam has done more for Montanans - and society in general - than Denny Rehberg ever will.

All the hate on here. I dare you to watch the link and then tell me that Ament's heart isn't in the right place.


Hey Click here! Nice pasting Job you idiot! I figured it out though, and although I favor Rehberg, it was pretty funny! Kudos to you for a liberal

Click Here
Click Here

Sorry about my idiotic-pasting job. I'm just so stupid all the time, being that I'm a "liberal" and whatnot.

Here's a better link:

Sorry you took time out of your busy day to track down my silly link.

p.s. Periods go at the end of the sentence to let the reader know you are done with the thought.


Right on Pearl Jam! TESTER 2012!

Click Here
Click Here

in related news, Rehberg has scheduled some entertainment for his followers:

Super cool!


read the website and it tells you to click "here" to enter without a contribution. It's hard I know, just take the time to sound out each word. I know you can do it.


Tester will be driving the GM Tahoe that he "Saved" from utter destruction when he gave the company $50 billion of your dollars ($16 billion of it is lost at todays stock price).

Don't expect Eddy Vedder, the voice of Pearljam to be there.......he doesn't waste his time raising money for subsidized farmers.

Will Pearljam come even after Obamacare gets struck down by SCOTUS?


OK, if Eddie Vedder wasn't there it wouldn't BE a Pearl Jam show. In case you haven't heard, he's the only lead singer they have.

How would they perform without their singer?

Educate yourself before making stupid comments like that!


Was hoping this would be held at Engen/Visser/Spiker Field.


There is also a no purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter to win. Visit You may enter by

Contributing will not improve your chances of winning. Entries must be received by August 24, 2012.


Then why does it want your credit card number and a contribution amount when you click on the entry page if you don't have to contribute. That's BS!


Eddy Vedder coming here to pinch hit for Tester? NO. Better make sure Vedder is coming before you purchase (no refunds).

No one reaches out for a drowning man........he will pull you under to save himself.

Hey Pork Chop John........get up on that stage and tell us all about your vote for obamacare. Then tell us about you GM bailout and the $16 Billion dollars we lost on that (if government sold their GM stock today). Everyone likes a happy story.......even if you robbed Peter to pay Paul.

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