HELENA – The statewide hand recount in Montana’s race for state superintendent of public instruction might not start until next Monday – and some county election officials say they’re getting anxious to make arrangements.

“Having the day floating around like this definitely does not help,” said Yellowstone County Election Administrator Bret Rutherford. “You just can’t schedule anything. ... We’ve been up in the air, at this point, for two weeks.”

Rutherford said Monday he needs to hire dozens of people to help with the recounting of nearly 70,000 ballots.

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, the state’s chief election officer, and county officials said they’re awaiting an order from District Judge Stewart Stadler of Kalispell, saying when the recount will start.

The order had not been issued by late Monday.

Stadler on Friday ordered a recount of the votes in the race between Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, a Democrat, and her Republican challenger, Sandy Welch of Martin City.

Juneau defeated Welch by 2,231 votes in the Nov. 6 election, but Welch has alleged possible widespread errors in counting ballots.

Juneau’s winning margin of 0.48 percent of the total vote is less than 0.5 percent, allowing the losing candidate to seek a recount.

Mitch Staley, Welch’s campaign manager, said her attorney asked Stadler to order the recount to begin next Monday – just eight days before Christmas.

“If we’re going to go through this process, let’s do it right,” he said. “We don’t need to rush it.”

Yet Missoula County Clerk and Recorder Vickie Zeier said the recount of 58,000 ballots in her county could take as long as five days, depending on how many people are allowed to recount ballots.

Zeier said the Missoula County attorney has advised her that members of the county election board – which is the three-member county commission – are the only ones who can recount the ballots.

However, Dori Brownlow, a Missoula County deputy attorney, said late Monday that directives from McCulloch’s office could override that advice and allow other people to do the actual counting.

State law says the recount board does the counting, but is somewhat unclear on how the board can use additional people to help with the process.

McCulloch said in the past, counties generally have decided how they want to conduct the recount.

“It could be the county commissioners (doing the counting), it could be that they’re hiring people to come in and do it,” she said.


Welch could have asked McCulloch last week to begin the recount, but instead chose to ask a judge to oversee the process.

Staley said the campaign sought judicial oversight because it is alleging widespread problems with counting, including ballots that might be disqualified, and wants a judge to be able to settle any legal issues.

The alleged problems include double-counted ballots that jammed in vote-counting machines, improper photocopied ballots and “spoiled” ballots that should have been re-voted.

McCulloch said she’s confident the vote counting is accurate, and that a “handful of accusations doesn’t mean that anything improper has been done.”

Alex Corcoran, campaign manager for Juneau, said Monday that Juneau’s campaign is getting ready for the recount, whenever it occurs.

“We feel like as long as the process goes along, Denise will come out the victor,” she said. “I don’t see the outcome of the election changing.”

Zeier said she just wants to get the process started as soon as possible, for it will get harder to line up support staff as the holidays get closer.

“I think everybody just wants to get it over now,” added Rutherford. “I don’t think anyone wants to be counting ballots on Christmas Eve.”

Missoulian State Bureau reporter Mike Dennison can be reached at 1-800-525-4920 or at mike.dennison@lee.net.

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The Associated Press is reporting that she has dropped her recount request because she is unable to come up with the money. Let's hope it's true.


Crazy. Absolute nonsense. Why is the Republican National Committee putting up the money? For a minor elected post in the state of MONTANA? What gives? Are the Republicans that desperate? I suppose if the tactic worked for Bush in 2000, then the RNC figures to challenge this election. But, what's the point? And only 4.8 % , .2% within the 5% to call a recount. Oh well, it's Republican money. But again, what's the point?


Hey, she is entitled to a recount so lets have it done. If it were the other way, the dems would be screaming racist and other charges. Let the system work fairly and openly. For sure don't designate the county commissioners to do it, first they can't count (look at how they handle our tax payer money) and secondly they are extremely partisan and could not be impartial and honest.


Sorry had a typo on my comment..the point is that there is no evidence of voter fraud. This woman who wants to run our educational system is saying it "may" have happened and feeds in to the idiotic conspiracy theories we see in comments here all the time....to have a recount here you should have to produce some evidence. She has none. Just suspects it. I also suspect there is a boogeyman under my bed. Doesn't make it true..haha..Idiots...Sorry, I would rather not have a conspiracy theorist running our educational system.....she is clearly paranoid and listening to too much Rush, like a few of the commentators here...


GD right, there should be a recount. If you people trust the Dems, then you are one of two things, either a Dem yourself, or a fool.


Believe me no one minds the recount since your Tea Bagger has to pay for it and she can have it if she wants. But we all know who the fool is here ....the fool is one who jumps to conclusions with noi evidence which means a person that does that is either a totally close minded or a bigot or all of the above. I rest my case on the fool argument.

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