The Maine-based aluminum trailer manufacturer setting up a plant at the former mill site in Bonner is ready to hire.

Aluminum Company of Maine Inc. wants to begin production of its specialized trailers by Feb. 4.

On Wednesday, the Missoula Job Service listed job orders for welders and general laborers on its website,

“Speed is really the thing,” Job Service director Wolf Ametsbichler said. “They want to ramp up as quickly as possible,” and could make the first hires by Friday.

Applicants should have a resume ready and apply as soon as possible to get their foot in the door. They must apply directly through the Job Service, Ametsbichler said.

An ALCOM application will be listed with the job orders online. People also can apply in person at Missoula Job Service, 539 S. Third St. W., or call 728-7060.

According to ALCOM, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, have strong math and analytical skills including the ability to read a tape measure and be willing to work extra hours when required. For general laborer jobs, hands-on experience with a variety of power tools is required and previous experience in manufacturing, construction or related fields is highly preferred.

For welding positions, experience in aluminum metal inert gas and/or tungsten inert gas welding is highly preferred. Specific certifications are not required, but employees will be required to pass a welding test administered by an outside entity.

ALCOM produces a host of aluminum trailers under several different brands and employs about 200 people at its Maine facility. The company was founded in 2006 by Trapper Clark and Tom Sturtevant.

ALCOM announced in November it had leased 70,000 square feet inside the plywood building at the former Stimson Lumber mill site, which is now owned by local developers Steve Nelson and Mike Boehme of Bonner Property Development LLC.

Response to the initial announcement that ALCOM would hire up to 60 people in its first round of job openings was immense. Job Service employees are currently working to notify via email almost 400 people who earlier expressed interest in the jobs, Ametsbichler said.

ALCOM will hire in stages and the job orders will remain posted throughout the process. The Job Service will send the first batch of applications to ALCOM Thursday and could send another batch Friday, Ametsbichler said.

Wages aren’t listed on the job orders and may be determined based on experience, Ametsbichler said.

An earlier Missoula Economic Partnership news release announcing ALCOM’s expansion here said that wages and benefits will be in the upper $30,000 a year and could include daily production bonuses.

ALCOM eventually could hire as many as 200 people to staff its operation here, the MEP release said.

Reporter Jenna Cederberg can be reached at 523-5241 or at

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(3) comments

Mr C

"Wages aren’t listed on the job orders " Hmmmm I wonder why? Could it be that they are so low that they don't want to scare applicants away?


Yeah beacause we would much rather have more aluminum trailers in MT than Good timber jobs! Thanks for coming, sorry that you have to run your small business in the shadow of a once booming industry shut down by mother natures trolls.


It is about time good paying manufactoring jobs returned to Missoula. Seeing has the city and conty goverments have rarely wanted to attract manufactoring back to the city.

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