The University of Montana named another permanent member to its cabinet on Wednesday by concluding the search for a new vice president of finance and administration.

Michael Reid will start the job in April, replacing former financial vice president Bob Duringer, who announced his retirement last summer and passed away in December.

Reid currently serves as the vice president of finance and administration at Angelo State University in Texas. He’s held similar jobs at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and Pueblo Community College in Colorado.

“He has the right skill set to manage the nearly $400 million in budgets at our Missoula campuses,” said UM President Royce Engstrom. “He’ll work with the campuses in Butte, Dillon and Helena with their collective budgets of $127 million.”

The hiring of Reid as the new financial chief closes one more loop in what’s been a patient shuffling of cabinet-level positions at the university.

Engstrom has worked the past six months to place UM on a new path after a scandalous 2011-12 academic year, which saw the school fall under widespread criticism for the way it handled a series of rape allegations, followed by ongoing investigations by the NCAA and the departments of Justice and Education.

Looking to set a new path, the university hired Kent Haslam in September to serve as its new director of athletics. He replaced former athletic director Jim O’Day, who was released in March but received a $31,000 buyout, along with another year’s salary of $124,000.

The university followed Haslam’s hiring in November by naming Scott Whittenburg as the new vice president of research and creative scholarship. The Montana Board of Regents next week is expected to approve Whittenburg’s salary of $188,000, effective Jan. 2.

This week, UM also filled the top financial position by naming Reid to the post and offering a salary of $169,000. The school is expected in the next few weeks to also hire a new vice president of integrated communications.

Engstrom created the communications post before the 2012-13 academic year to improve the university’s internal and external dialogue. The duties were formerly wrapped into the position of executive vice present, which was held by Jim Foley.

Peggy Kuhr, dean of the school of journalism, was appointed to the new communications post on an interim basis. Kuhr recently applied for the permanent job and is one of several remaining candidates.

Reid has held similar financial positions at Southern Utah University, Utah State University and Dixie State College.

“I’ve always had a professional desire and career goal to serve at the University of Montana,” Reid said in a release issued by the school. “It’s a special place, so I’m very excited to be given this opportunity.”

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- "The school is expected in the next few weeks to also hire a new vice president of integrated communications."

Who will, no doubt, have to abide by the new, 'moving forward,' edict from Engstrom Hall, that all meetings on campus, in all departments, will in future have to start with something positive.

I kid you not - have just read the gagging email.


It is a bit of editorializing in my opinion. Then again this paper has a history of it, especially on this issue I am afraid.


A "scandalous" year, force fed by a newspaper bent on selling more issues, would be more like it.

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