An 18-year-old man was arrested and charged Saturday with felony sexual intercourse without consent after an early morning incident on the University of Montana campus.

Missoula police arrested Leo Henry Green II Saturday afternoon after an investigation into a disturbance call on Laurin Court at the University Villages housing complex.

Missoula police were dispatched to assist university public safety officers with the disturbance call at 5:20 a.m. Saturday, said Sgt. Scott Pastian.

"We subsequently launched an investigation into an allegation of sexual intercourse without consent," Pastian said. "The Missoula Police Department called out our own detectives who conducted a follow-up investigation that led to the arrest of (Green.)"

Peggy Kuhr, interim vice president for integrated communications at UM, said the disturbance is believed to be an isolated incident.

No alerts or warnings were issued by the university because the suspect has been arrested, Kuhr said.

It is unknown if Green is a UM student, Pastian said.

Green remained in Missoula County jail Sunday. According to the Missoula County jail roster, Green is set to appear in Justice Court Monday in front of Justice of the Peace John Odlin.

A $50,000 bond has been set in the case.

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So let me question this. If a man (18 years of age) is the only one charged with rape in a three some, and the woman (18 years of age) is not charged, does it make it ok for Bonnie to drive the get away car after Clyde robs a bank?. I don't believe this is acceptable in this community!!!!!!

Lailoni Daycheif

OK. Just facts here i know both parties involved. Leo is a great kid that is still in high school. He did not rape her. There are texts and photos that prove she is the one that initiated the contact and it was her wishes to have this sort of contact. She has done these things before. Her father dropped her off there. She is not your typical 13 yr old unfortunately.


Call me please 523-5178


Ms. Daychief...please call me 523-5178


sexual charge against a male near or on campus and the football team is not mentioned in the story? what is this world coming to?


Maybe the University should come out with a mandatory PETSA 2


Again, there is alot more to this story than the Missoulian is telling us. Why can't the readers get the real story as to what happened here. And who is this guy anyway? This incident has nothing to do with firearms, that is silly.


I'm a father of 3, who have all gone to Universities, As have I. one of my daughters is actually a 'visiting Prof' at 'UM". I'm former 'Military,' served in the 'Mid-East' hot-zone. I do not think it 'wise' to let University students, or even Professors for that matter, to 'bear arms' on Campus. This would be 'sheer stupidity'. It is 'Inconscionable'...?


You don't write like a college graduate -I hope no university gave you a degree.


How about we now let the justice system work. If he's guilty, he'll be convicted or plead. We don't have lynch mobs in this country. We have the law and guess what -- he's behind bars.

That's right -- more guns always make things better. Especially when it's an 18-22 year old because they always make the best decisions what with drinking and partying and everything that happens at every college.

RUKIDDING -- your anti-UM comments are not welcome. They don't add anything to the conversation so do everyone a favor and keep them to yourself.


RUKIDDING - Your comments ARE welcome, because this IS America. Anyone who would try to keep you from voicing your opionions is Un-American.


This what Missoulians want to readand know that the system is working. Now, the city prosecutor needs to follow through on charges. I hope the victim can find some solace and peace.

Alan Johnson

This is in family housing. There is no ban against weapons in family housing, just on the campus proper.


It is my firm belief that rapists should be castrated. I have known many rape victims and have seen the psychological damage which such a traumatic event can cause in a person. It's despicable and has at times made me ashamed to be a male.
Absolutely barbaric. Primitive.
My whole heart goes out to the victim.


Yeah, great idea until there girl recants because they often file false charges to "get even" for something else. So when the girl changes her story after the man is castrated, I guess he will say, "where do I go to get my genitals back?" Looks like you are the one who is barbaric and primitive.


PelosiGalore is correct - nobody's been convicted in this case, and false accusations are common, so you can't legitimately accept the accuser's story.


An ISOLATED INCIDENT?? Are you effin KIDDING ME?? And just bc someone would be allowed to carry a gun on campus doesn't mean everyone no, it would not have prevented this. EDUCATING OUR BOYS about what rape is and why we don't rape would have!! My sincerest condolences to this young woman and her family. You did nothing to cause this despite what I'm sure plenty of jack asses will accuse you of on this comment thread and in other areas of the media. Be prepared for that and remember, by being a woman you neither deserved this or caused it.


It is isolated in that it is not connect to the other cases.


I swear I just read an article in this newspaper about guns on campus. I wonder the circumstances, would this person been able to deter this incident if he/she had a weapon at his/her disposal? Would the outcome been different? Would this alleged rapist been able to stand trial? Pure speculation of course. I will not send my child to this school of rapist without a gun! I wish the alleged victim strength and understanding. And, if the alleged aggressor is found guilty, well I wish him the worst.

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