Political correctness compels us to avoid mention of such words as fascism, Hitler or communism. As a society, everyone knows these words have consequences yet discussion is denied. Ever wonder why?

Political correctness hides ideologies, truths and history. It is denial. Discussion is intentionally averted from hidden agendas and dangerous associations linking what happened yesterday to today. Its purpose is to keep society ignorant. "Old Joe" Stalin was the first to coin the term when he said "be correct politically or be sent to the re-education camps." The truth hurts. In Stalin's world the re-education camps were in Siberia.

Political correctness has consequences. Mid-1930s Austria was struggling through a depression with unemployment hovering near 25 percent while their neighbor Germany was thriving under Nazi Party Socialism. Nazi is an acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party - key words Socialist and Workers Party.

In 1938, the Austrians voted by a 98 percent majority to annex Austria to Germany and willingly accepted Hitler as their ruler. A year later the war started and the very Austrians who jubilantly voted for annexation began dying. The Austrians were duped. The reason: the political correctness of Socialism hid the true Nazi agenda. The Nazis were fascist.

Fascism, as defined by Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr., is:

"The system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society."

And, Rockwell continues: "The government is totalitarian because it acknowledges no restrain on its powers."

This "no restrain on powers" subjugates everything else. Totalitarianism empowers the excesses of Socialism.

The Austrian School of Economics (Mises) condemns Socialism as an economic construct - an ideology that, failing economic scrutiny, defaulted to Darwin's social evolution theory. This means society advances through conflict, class struggle and survival of the fittest - the weak are eliminated. Without an economic foundation, political correctness becomes the single avenue to advance social evolution and, when combined with totalitarianism, has ominous consequences.

In the late 1700s Thomas Malthus considered diseases, war, disaster and famine as "positive checks" to reduce the human population to ensure the health of society. The Nazis clothed this concept in a political correctness that justified dehumanizing opposition minorities. Forty million people had to die before they were stopped.

In today's world, politically correct dehumanization marches on. The idyllic Jacque Cousteau mimicked Malthus when he said "In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 (people) per day." Our federal government's Title X Family Planning program is administered through the Office of Population Affairs where sixty percent of New York City's black fetuses are aborted annually. The American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA have publically come out in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street's conflict with Judeo-Capitalists; and, coincidentally, the Jews (Israel) have recently been targeted for extinction - again.

Missoula is not immune. Earlier this year the Missoula Community Theater symbolically cut off Sarah Palin's head. Our City Council seeks legislation to make corporations "non-human." Unborn children aren't "persons."

And our progressive city and county governments have subversively signed on to United Nations Agenda 21. U.N. policy intentionally shrouds Agenda 21 with politically correct labels such as "smart growth," "community planning" and anything with "sustainable" in it - anything to hide the real purpose of their mission: to demote humans to a biological resource to be managed like any other resource. Humans are to be concentrated into habitation areas. Borders inhibit human migration and must be torn down to enable their one-world government.

We've been used. By definition, fascism has silently crept into America's culture. We failed to notice because we weren't allowed to think about it.

America must end unrestrained government now. Fortunately, we already have a solution in place to make totalitarianism in America irrelevant - compliments of our founding fathers. They wrote a Constitution that strangles the excesses of unrestrained government and created a republic of laws with checks and balances to protect the individual. All we have to do is implement it.

Bill Chandler of Missoula writes on behalf of Advocates for Our Republic, a subcommittee of the Missoula Patriots.


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