Huckleberries to Ronan’s Martha McClure, who is rightly being hailed as a hero for refusing to allow three children at her daycare to be taken by their non-custodial biological father. McClure knew that Francis Joseph Jackson, 31, did not have custody of the three young children, and believed he was intoxicated. She was allegedly assaulted and beaten in the face with a snow shovel. Jackson was recently apprehended in Washington while his girlfriend, Tashiana Schlensker, remains at large. A gofundme page has been created for McClure, and huckleberries to all those who help this courageous woman pay for her medical expenses.

Chokecherries to the party-goers near Hamilton whose attempt to light a bonfire created an explosion complete with a fireball that set the neighbor’s windows shaking and resulted in numerous 9-1-1 calls. If you're going to have a bonfire, be extremely careful and be sure to mix those accelerants in proper proportions.

Huckleberries to Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke for pondering a possible run for speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. As a freshman congressman, Zinke may be a long-shot candidate but he could bring a fresh perspective to the entrenched interests in Washington. And Montana, with only one vote in the 435-member House, could benefit from having a more influential voice in Congress.

Chokecherries to the record number of orphaned bear cubs reported this year by private wildlife organizations and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. A lack of food is driving mother bears into the valleys where they are more likely to encounter humans – and get shot or hit by a car. Sadly, it’s looking like a bad year to be a bear.

Huckleberries to the three plaintiffs who dropped their lawsuit seeking to block the transfer of a hydroelectric dam to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. After their request for an emergency injunction was denied, state Sen. Bob Keenan, former state Sen. Verdell Jackson and a Flathead Lake business filed notice that they were ending their suit. Heaps more huckleberries if they refrain from filing a new version of their unwarranted, unwise and unwanted lawsuit in the future.

Missoulian editorial board: Publisher Mark Heintzelman, Editor Matt Bunk, Opinion Editor Tyler Christensen.

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