I disagree with Marshall Cromwell's opinion in the guest column on May 25, about doing away with teaching fractions in school. Fractions are a part of our daily lives whether we realize it or not. I do not think we need to carry them into such a deep study that he gave an example of, but the basics are so useful that I think they have to be taught. We have to use our brains to figure things out and not rely on electric gadgets or computers all the time.

Think of a housewife picking up a recipe knowing she has to increase it by half because of company coming. She needs to know what a half of a half-cup is to be able to add a one-fourth cup to equal three-fourths of the recipe. A woman who sews needs to know what one-third of a yard is so she can get an accurate measurement of 12 inches of material. These are just a couple of examples, from a woman's point of view of course. We need to know the tables of fraction taught in grade school; then if people go on to higher learning and need higher learning of math they can use decimals. Men use fractions in woodworking and construction, also. I do not think we should abolish the teaching of fractions in school.

Dianne Miller, Bonner

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