Gov. Brian Schweitzer said that bills advancing in the Republican-controlled Legislature to "nullify" federal laws in Montana are "anti-American." He said if Montanans and others disagree with the federal policies, they can advocate for Congress to change them.

One of the bills is House Bill 321, on the Endangered Species Act. Since ESA's inception in 1973 it has confiscated billions of dollars of private property, harmed or destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and according to the "Senate and Congressional Western Caucuses" and Dr. Michael Coffman, president of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. and past manger for Champion International, the ESA has not been responsible for recovering even a single species.

Montanans have tried for 30 years to get the federal government to do something about the ESA without any success. The federal government's policies on forest management have been a total disaster; all you have to do is look at all the dead trees. Montana has an abundance of natural resources that will never be used because of the federal government and the ESA. Without access to our natural resources we have no jobs!

Last year President Barack Obama tried to pass a cap and trade bill for greenhouse emissions. This bill would not stop greenhouse gases but would make companies pay a tax that would be passed on to you, the consumer, to pay. This bill failed, so the President gave it to the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce. The EPA can make every family in Montana pay about $3,000 a year for this tax. Cap and trade would be a real killer of jobs. That is why our Legislature came up with HB550, which declares the EPA is void in Montana.

Schweitzer is a smart man; I am surprised he didn't come up with these bills himself.

Patti Kanduch, State director, Concerned Women for America of Montana, Philipsburg

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