Honorable Sen. Max Baucus;

My name is Mark A Funk. I am from Wolf Creek. You, as a child, shopped for candy in my grandparents’ – Robert and Gertrude Funk – general store, The Dugout in Wolf Creek. I, before joining the Navy, worked as a Riding Page in the U.S. Senate. I did some volunteer work for your mailroom back in the late ‘70s. My siblings have actively worked for you. My family has supported your whole political career. I have hunted on your family’s ranch Sieben between Wolf Creek and Helena. I honorably retired from the Navy as a chief petty officer and live in Helena. I have and still support the Second Amendment as originally written and intended.

Now to the point. If you do not support the President’s effort to make this country’s insane need to have free access to assault weapons, multi-chambered bullet delivery systems and ammunition meant only to make mass destruction (not hunting ammo): I will not support you in any further manner and I will actively work to unseat you.

Yes, this may seem to be a single issue and I have never have thought of not supporting someone based on a single issue of disagreement before. But this insanity must stop now!

I grew up in the hunting rifle culture of Montana. I full support and will continue that support. But the founding fathers never saw or imagined assault weapons that simply serve to be massively destructive. And as for an organized militia, I also support that. But even in my serves in the military, when we had no further reason to hang onto our weapons, the weapons were safely locked away in the armory – not laying about for some angry crazies to cause more destruction.

And as for the argument that we need more help for the mentally ill, you are damn right this country does.

But the crazies plus easy access to assault weapons equals mass deaths of the innocent.

Support the President’s efforts to bring sanity to this country or you will receive one less vote in the future and active support to unseat all who even are just being “cautious” on this issue.

Fully and active support sanity or feel a groundswell against you from your own childhood hunting grounds.

Mark A. Funk,


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Chuck Feney
Chuck Feney

Any slight wavering on the Second Amendment will end Max's political career.
Max's third rail

On gun registration, Max Baucus can't hide
Gun control always precedes Democide
Cause if he doesn't lead the fight
For our Second Amendment right
He cuts his throat in a political suicide.

K Johnson

Right on Funk. I also sent a letter to Baucus indicating that unless he supports some level of assault weapon control (NOT confiscation) that I would have to make an ethical decision not to vote at all in his Senate race. I fully understand the implications of witholding my vote, but this single issue has a profound impact for many reasons.

The most troubling (and logical) aspect is that over time, the higher the density of mass-killing assault rifles in the population, the higher the probability they guns will come into close proximity with a psychopath. Especially those psychopaths with a genetic tendency toward pathological aggression which may be triggered or aggravated by the chronic consumption of violent "entertainment." This is exactly the kind of common sense argument that gun maufacturers and their lobbyists do not want entering into our discussions. Manufacturers are marketing directly to children now. See NY Times front page Jan 27.

I think it is important that Baucus and even his Republican opponents hear from those voters who have made a choice not to vote for either of them - for lack of choice I suspect Max has been hearing from more than a few of our unusual minority of independent thinkers these past weeks. I would like to see Schweitzer take a stand on limiting future sales of military-style assault rifles and ammunition then run against Baucus. Find Schweitzer on Facebook and suggest it.

It is also important right now that we acknowledge gun shop and gun show dealers who make the effort to follow current law and do proper background checks - thank you.

Regards, K. Johnson
FYI Gun Owner


Max lost me a few years ago when he said he was in favor of income redistribution. Now he won't say how he will vote on guns,, and probably won't have to since Harry Reed won't call for the vote since he is 'A' rated by the NRA. And, M. Funk, you have to know that Obama is not interested in solving the problem, he only wants to make Republicans less potent than they are. Same is true for illegal immigration: just agree to the border fence, print some billions of dollars to build it, and the Congress will go along with amnesty. Easy.

trad man

The Honorable Max Baucus knows the rights and Amendments and the statistics better than most anyone and no matter what type of pressure is poured on him from the Obama admin. he will stay the course for the Second Amendment. From what I see Obama has also bypassed at least 3 other Amendments and is approaching an impeachable probability if he stays his course. Banning all semi autos?? that means Dads old Browning shot gun, all pistols that are semi including the 1911!! At a veterans funeral they will have to us bolt actions rifles instead of the Garand for the 21 gun salute! 15's aren't assault weapons, and any one with practice can change out the smaller magazines, clips, etc. in fractions of a second so the 30 round mag ban is another joke. No government in America has the right to take away my or any other Americans rights period, got my vote Max!


Mr. Baucus, I will do just the opposite of Mr. Funk. And Mr. Funk, you of all people, being ex-military should know that AR-15 rifles are not military assault rifles. They are only semi-auto, not full auto capable like the military version M-16.


"Multi-chambered bullet delivery systems"? LOL! Well, I suppose revolvers and double-barred shotguns fit that definition, but that statement reveals gross ignorance.

The statement about ammo "meant only to make mass destruction (not hunting ammo)" is also absurd. Hunting ammo is very deadly - that's why it's hunting ammo, ya doofus.

Obviously you are too ignorant or stupid to be writing about firearms. Sen. Baucus will lose far more votes from gun owners than from people like yourself if he supports Obama's gun-grabbing scheme.

piq mlqnu'

With regard to Mark Funk's comments on President Obama's gun control measures and Mark's intent to actively oppose Senator Baucus if he does not actively support President Obama's measures, it is clearly seen that Mark firmly believes in "My way or the Highway." This type of attitude is irresponsible. President Obama's gun control measures are not necessarily fully supportable by the majority, especially the majority of Montana voters, who supposedly are the constituents that Senator Baucus is obligated to support.

However, Mark Funk does present a real life event that is worth noting. Mark's comment about military arms returned to the armory when not in use should not be ignored. Arms in the armory are responsible "management" of arms. And responsbile management is the issue. It should not be necessary to infringe on the right to bear arms to exercise responsible gun owner management of arms. There is a difference between responsible management and irresponsible management, and I believe Senator Baucus is capable of discerning between the two differences.



People do realize that handguns and shotguns are used in many more gun related deaths than these 'assault weapons.' Isn't that proof enough that this whole thing is media biased BS? By the way, the amount of votes he'll get for voting against will far outnumber yours.

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