This letter is addressed to the young lady (teenager) who, on Dec. 27, just before 2 p.m., was riding a bicycle north on the far right side of the road on Curtis Street near the Lifelong Learning Center (LLC). I also was driving north on Curtis, doing the 25 mph speed limit, which was faster than the bike rider.

As I approached her from behind, between 10 and 15 feet from being parallel with her, she suddenly veered left in front of me, turning west onto the street just north of the LLC. She did not look behind to see if she could turn safely, did not signal and was not wearing a bike helmet.

I slammed on my brakes and honked at her. She never stopped, nor looked around. Apparently, she was totally oblivious that she had almost been run over. If I had been one second closer when she turned, she would have been under my wheels.

I cannot give an accurate description of her, except that she either had a red bicycle, and/or wore red clothes; and had light-colored long hair. Question is: Was she wearing ear-buds and listening to music?

I sincerely hope that someone who knows this careless rider reads this letter and sees to it that she receives basic bicycle traffic-rule instruction before it’s too late.

Nona C. Babcock, Missoula

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