There are great injustices happening right now in this state to our children, parents and grandparents that need to be addressed by the citizens of our beautiful state of Montana.

Children are being put in danger by Children's Protective Services (CPS), taken away from safe homes where they are loved and treasured and put into homes where there is abuse in many forms. People concerned with their safety and mental stability by questioning staff at the CPS office in their area are being retaliated against. The retaliation comes in many forms including arrest, threats, questioning by police, confiscating children after a family speaks out against CPS and more. Some of these children are now in homes with sexual abuse happening to them even as I write this.

I never believed this could happen in my state and I am sickened that this is allowed to happen after our group of concerned citizens met with Sarah Corbally and Bob Runklel asking that these children's cases be reviewed which didn't happen but further retaliation was. This is unacceptable. The safety and well being of our children are involved.

I fear no retaliation as my two grandchildren died of abuse in 2010 when CPS was called and did nothing so I have no grandchildren to lose and those alive are in loving, safe homes.

Our group will again try to meet with officials of CPS soon and want others that have had problems to join us in assuring that our little Citizens in Montana are kept safe, not be used as pawns for revenge by those who we support with our taxes. Please contact me on Facebook.

Cheryl Hodges,


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