There is a big problem in Missoula, Montana.

There are two people who I care deeply about in this town who are in chronic severe pain who need medication to enable them to live a quality life.

The problem is one has a doctor who cares, the other one is day after day in agony. I have to see her suffer every single day and I went to a pain center with her and watched her be abused mentally from some psychiatric test that she had to sit through that was a computer-generated program.

What the doctor read from the test at that pain center was unreal to me. It was sick and blatantly false! She is in such agony.

I realize that there has been a problem with Oxycontin here in Missoula and some horribly sad deaths. Doctors in Missoula are so reluctant to prescribe narcotic medication that there may be more deaths from lack of good pain control.

Chronic pain, which I haven't ever dealt with, is so hard to see your loved one go through. These doctors are doing a horrible disservice; it's a travesty.

Pain can shorten your life, it's hard on the brain and hard on the body. I thought doctors were supposed to help, not let them die in agony.

Charlotte Knutsen, Missoula

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