This is an invitation to participate in a more sustainable Missoula.

I am offering free bike racks to owners of any duplex, triplex, four-plex rentals or commercial properties. The property needs to be in the following areas: the Northside, McCormick Park, university and downtown.

This idea is a joint effort between myself, owner of Banana Belt Realty, and the Missoula city bike program. They have some money and the ordering power. I am piggybacking onto their order and picking up the owners’ portion of the cost of the rack and the cost of placing the rack. There will be a small tab on the rack stating the bike rack is sponsored by Banana Belt Realty, but only on the racks I am sponsoring.

Please let me know if your rentals are duplex, triplex or four-plex, or commercial retail or wholesale. Larger apartment complexes will be asked to participate financially themselves. Unfortunately, at this time, this offer cannot be extended to single-family homes, rented or not.

I am doing all my errands around town this week by bike so I can talk to people about getting a bike rack. I’ve talked to my dentist, a title company, a property management company – none of which have a bike rack, surprisingly enough. So far I have signed up three landlords.

The city bike program has some interesting facts about bike rack usage. Like, the more interesting bike racks – the ones that look like artwork – get less use than a readily identifiable bike rack.

Why not provide a bike rack now for the tenants of your income property or customers of your commercial property? It won’t cost you a thing!

Just call or text (406)-550-1014. Or email: You must act quickly; this free offer ends July 26 and is limited to the first 50 responses.

Celia Grohmann, Broker and owner, Banana Belt Realty, Missoula

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