Gov. Steve Bullock is again on the move, this time personally courting children in kindergarten, asking them if they know what the job of governor is. Well of course they don’t. They are just small children.

His response to his own question was, “My job is to make sure you all get a great education.”

I researched the job description of the governor and I didn't see Bullock’s claim specified. He certainly didn't explain to these children that if he were really doing his job, he would be safeguarding their right to be children; to learn as individuals, explore and question, and be emotionally nourished to develop a sense of self. That he would be safeguarding the right of their parents to nourish and choose what they, as parents, feel is best for their off spring. He would surely not be explaining the return on investment when it comes to their lives and future, or spending the money of the citizens of Montana to promote his own agenda to rob these little children of their individuality, and their parents of a choice.

Common Core is information children are expected to learn as dictated by federal bureaucrats and state education commissioners. It is one-size-fits-all learning. Anyone who truly cares for children would give them an environment they can flourish in without the expectation of return on investment or the idea that they are someone’s human capital.

A human’s capital is their personal store of knowledge, ability and sense of self; personal assets to be utilized to provide outcomes of which they are the sole beneficiary; to be productive first of all for themselves.

We need to see this for what it is.

A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 18 in the House Education Committee on Rep. Debra Lamm's House Bill 377.

Mary McCracken,


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