Regarding Ravalli County's wolf policy, the (Jan. 18) Missoulian quoted Commissioner Greg Chilcott: "This policy should be recognized as advocacy for humans, for ungulate populations and for livestock." Is he serious?

The wolf policy, as reported, is inhumane, illegal and unnecessary.

If the county commissioners actually had concern for humans, ungulate populations and livestock, they would do something about the epidemic of health problems in humans, domestic animals and wildlife as a result of thyroid hormone disruption and other endocrine disruption caused by use of pesticides, especially herbicides and fungicides, here and in states upwind.

U.S. Geological Survey researchers found high levels of pesticides in the snow, foliage, animals and lake water in Glacier Park. Are levels of toxins in Glacier snow any different than in snow falling here?

The real problem is not wolves. It is thyroid hormone disruption symptoms in the domestic animals, wildlife and in humans, especially newborns and little children. The serious effects of fetal hypothyroidism are decimating the economy in western Montana. For example, huge health bills for the parents of children with developmental problems; health bills, including prescription drugs, for all affected adults; loss to cattle ranchers in weight gain because over half their calves have underbites; and the loss of wild young to hypothyroidism, leaving too few for both human hunters and predators. Having less human hunters impacts all the businesses dependent on hunting.

The solution to fixing the economy is to ask the Environmental Protection Agency to test the air, foliage, snow, rain and surface waters for pesticides, mercury and other thyroid hormone-disrupting toxins. The economy will likely get worse unless the toxin (s) causing the fetal hypothyroidism is found and the use of it/them stopped.

Returning all to good health would also heal the economy, a policy we all should support.

Judy Hoy, Stevensville

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