I’m writing to thank our senior senator, Max Baucus, for his efforts to find common-sense solutions to our country’s toughest problems. 

Baucus has always put the needs of Montanans before partisan or special interests. Currently he has been working with Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C., to chart a path forward on immigration reform.

After months of debate and negotiation the U.S. Senate has produced a bill that will strengthen border security, protect out ports, update our 30-year-old immigration policy and provide a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented workers currently in this country.

The last time our immigration policy was updated was in 1986 under President Ronald Reagan. President Bush attempted immigration reform and failed. In the past three decades the problem has worsened. Irresponsible employers exploit undocumented workers by paying sub-standard wages “under the table,” driving down wages for American workers.

Sen. Max Baucus should be applauded for taking on this historically divisive issue. The path forward will not be easy, but we can’t afford to wait another 30 years to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.

Amanda Lee,


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Horsefeathers. There is no need for reform. The Immigration system we have is a good one. Congress and the last 4 Presidents have not properly funded interior enforcement, Our border is still unsecured and drugs, illegals and terrorists continue to flood into our country. Have you ever asked yourself why do the drugs still flood in? Think about it for awhile and come up with a reason why the United States of America, with the worlds finest military and National Guard cannot stop the flow. It is destroying our poor and the inner cities. For some reason, it is more important to get as many illegals into the US.


Laughable at best. Baucus has presided over the economic, financial and moral decline of the United States over the past 36 years. He should be tried for high crimes against the People of the United States.

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