The political cartoon on page B5 of the Feb. 19 Missoulian (showing the cracked liberty bell, cracked citizen and the Potentate of Pennsylvania Avenue – with the comment “the America you thought you had”), requires that I submit to my fellow subjects within our monarchy the following parable of how to catch sheep:

You simply place free grain where the sheep can feed without restriction. When the sheep are habituated to this location, you then place a fence down one side of the feed zone. When the sheep accept the fence, you place another section of fence on another side. The sheep get used to the second fence and continue to feed. You continue until all four sides of the fence are up and a gate is installed. The sheep, which have readily accepted the free grain, come through the open gate and continue to eat the free grain within the enclosure. You then slam the gate and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the sheep have lost their freedom, which they accept and continue to eat the free grain. They have become so habituated to the free grain that they have forgotten how to forage on their own and accept their captivity. Thus explains the creation of upright bi-ped “sheeple.”

Sheeple are a fast-growing species of citizen willing to accept a transformed version of the America we thought we had, with all the new and free entitlements promises by our past and present monarchs and a very culpable career Congress, who have aided and abetted in the expulsion of our Constitution and individual freedoms we thought we had. The threat to our liberty and freedom exists because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living and insist on more free grain.

Ray Berry, Hamilton

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Yeah I see your point Sukey, bu the whole problem can easily be resolved if only the Baby Boomers would just hurry up and die off. After all we’ve pretty much served our purpose. We fought the war in Vietnam, remember that’s the one we were told would spread democracy around the world and preserve our freedoms here in the good ole USA. Then we got jobs which we’ve faithfully attended for forty six years ( all the while paying into the leaky social security bucket), and bought homes (which we actually paid for). We sent out children to college, and then allowed them to come home and live in the basement because they couldn’t find jobs they felt they were worthy of; and in the mean time took care of our aging parents, who forgot what our names were and paid for their funerals which they hadn’t planned for. Before we go we could at least contribute whatever we have left in us to financing two un-winnable wars, the banks which took advantage of us our whole lives, and a government which spent our hard earned tax dollars like a crack addict with a ten billion dollar a day habit.


Yes, hail sequestration, sort of like castration. There was no other way to cut the exploding population of entitlements and bloat. Senior Baby Boomers, you are a major cause of this. If you are able bodied, get off your barca chair and go back to work, pay into payroll taxes, and help America's real War, the War on Deficit. Almost everyone can work at least part time at something. Learn something different, something you've never done before, be a Walmart Greeter (they seem to have disappeared). Get out, get going, its keeping a lot of us alive and active. We are Seniors-On-The-Go (not Seniors worried about how to go,...)


Don't worry Sukey soon a whole lot of you seniors will be out lookin for jobs. With SS expanding at 6% a year and medical costs that have been going up 9% a year how long do you think your checks will keep rolling in. If the baby boomers want to continue to get the things they paid into their whole lives, this government needs to be cut by the amount on the dollar they borrow now, or its over. Not ten years from now . Now. That's 46% for those of you math challenged, think money grows on trees crowd.
For you leftists. If you want to know why heath care is so expensive you might want to see how it got that way. Its almost as if they created a problem so they could come back later and solve it. But it probably had more to do with bribes, er contributions. #1 (McCarran-Ferguson, 15 USC 1011-1015) exempted insurance companies from anti-trust law so long as there is a state regulatory apparatus related to insurance is in place. #2 For you Rightists (EMTALA) 1980 under Reagan. Hospitals must provide service to those that cant pay. It used to be those folks would be taken to charity hospitals.Now hospitals cost shift to those that can pay. #3 and this is the big one (The pharmaceutical and medical device industries got federal laws and regulations passed to prohibit the transport of legally-owned drugs and devices across international borders and to restrain trade even within the United States.) when you wonder why your paying 10 times the price that is paid in other countries see number 3. There are a few other reasons also such as no basic consumer protection laws in place to prevent price gouging by everyone involved in the medical industry. It has been estimated that rolling back all these laws and regs and putting a few new ones in place, that the price of heath care in this country would only cost 20% what it does now. Instead they give us the biggest nightmare, job killing and most likely people killing (death panels yep) worst piece of garbage law known to man. A little more math for you and this is when your going to say hmmm. 1970 the fed gov paid out 12.1 billion total covering all heath care it was responsible for. CPI stood at 38.8 . Today CPI is at 230 roughly 6x higher. That means we should be spending 72 billion. Granted we probably have a few more people they are paying for now but do you think 850 billion in 2011 10x what it should be sounds right? That is also with the medical industry saying the fed gov does not pay what they want to charge . Imagine what it would be if they could. So everyone feel free to enjoy your short retirement and don't forget when they cut your hours down below 30 that's Obama care working its wonders. Hope you can still afford your cable tv so you can sit there and still soak up all the bull that's fed to you and FEEL informed.

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