I simply cannot remain silent any longer. Alex Apostle and Toni Rehbein, you are simply being dishonest when you say you were unaware of the needs of teachers and students in your district.

I retired from teaching in Missoula County Public Schools five years ago, and I know whereof I speak. MCPS Superintendent Apostle, you say that teachers should tell their principals when they don’t have the materials they need. When I told my principal about what I lacked, the response was, “Well, that’s just the way things are.” Teachers get tired of not being heard; they get tired of doing without day after day, of pairing students to use one textbook, of buying materials for their classrooms with part of their ever-shrinking salary, and asking their students to bring in boxes of tissues. And yet, you will find the teachers there, hours before school starts, hours after the students leave.

Apostle and Rehbein, you have the finest teachers available. You have the best staff and supporting staff around. If you didn’t know that they are hurting, you should have known, and you would have known if you spent time in the buildings. The insult you are offering your teachers is simply shocking. Shame on you.

Kimberly Dredger, Missoula

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Teachers should quit buying school supplies for students - if they have problems, that's the fault of someone else, not teachers. Quit enabling these huckster administrators, principals, and others who expect 100% graduation, yet do not provide the necessary materials.


Of course they are lying- those statements quoted in the Missoulian article are laughable. And people such as rehbein and apostle have no shame, else how could they continue to get out of bed every morning and continue to behave the way they do? They are both malignant narcissists, and we are stuck with their self serving behavior until we force them out.

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Buzz Feedback

This pretty much nails it. Between the Super and his three ERDs, you have over $500k in administrators and not one of them appears to actually know what's happening in the schools. Either that, or they don't care. Take your pick.

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